Nervochaos: Nyctophilia

With powerful and gnarled riffs Nervochaos hits you right in the mouth from the drop of the first note and keeps bulldozing on through their new effort titled Nyctophilia. This record is the seventh full length in the arsenal for Nervochaos and it provides you with thirteen unfiltered, dark, twisting and blackened tracks. Nervochaos sews […]

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Hate Unbound: Plague

With pure energy and aggression Hate Unbound comes storming out of the gate with their new release titled Plague. This new record shows off ten new songs that are filled with thrashing death metal that get you up out of your seat and headbanging before you can say the word “headbang”. Hate Unbound wastes no […]

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Vorzug: Three

With a brand new EP to their name, Vorzug storms out of the gates of hell drenched in blackened hell fire. Three is the name of their new EP and as I’m sure you can guess the EP has three songs on it that played in the vein of death metal. Each song that appears on […]

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Candle: Demo 2016

Just straight forward heavy metal doesn’t seem to be as prominent as it use to be and yet Candle doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Withing their demo what you get are four songs of pure traditional heavy metal, nothing more and nothing less. Candle also plays the same sort of style of heavy metal […]

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