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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Witch King: Voice of the Ossuary

October 15, 2018

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There is no pretext, there is no warning as Witch King dives straight into their new offering Voice of the Ossuary with an unbelievably bestial and punishing sound. Right off  the bat you get your teeth kicked down your throat by these purveyors of death, and from the first second onward they never look back as they scorch earth and pile bodies high. There isn’t anything trendy here, no frills and no fluff as Witch King return with an ancient sound throwing it back to the days of pure guttural blackened death grind. Each track on this blood spurting effort is terrorizing and twisted as Witch King provides you with nothing but top notch head severing metal for your sick and twisted enjoyment.

Voice of the Ossuary is foul and filthy. Each track rampages forth with malicious intent hitting you with ever blood riddled riffs that are only to be coupled with barbaric drumming and inhuman vocals that the likes of hell can only provide. The ten tracks that are present here hit you fast and hit you hard as Witch King pours their brand of sickness on thick making sure you become buried under it all by the end. “Voice of the Ossuary’ is an unrelenting piece of blackened magic that provides you with hordes of violent death and mayhem never stopping until the last ritualistic note has been carved out.

Each track gnaws at you and pummels you in to an unrecognizable oblivion from the very onset. Witch King rolls from track to track with the lumbering swiftness of a murderer gifting you with an overall hellish and terrorizing listen never to be forgotten or brushed aside. Voice of the Ossuary tears you to pieces, shredding you from the very onset only to leave you fleshless at the end of it all. Witch King hits you with a primeval sound, one that is bestial and menacing for ten straight tracks never to let you out of their clutches until each track is seared in to your mind.

This is pure slaughtering metal in its darkest most raw and potent form. Voice of the Ossuary is a devilish and murderous release that presents you with ten outstanding tracks of nothing but top notch blood soaked metal. The song writing here is excellent and the execution of each track is on point and couple that with an overall dissonant primeval sound, you get one hell of a great listen and record. Witch King has created something here that is nothing short of outstanding.

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Miscarriage: Homicidal Mania Trilogy

October 14, 2018

Can chaos be captured? Can music really shred your flesh? If you have any doubts about either question you only need to turn to Miscarriage. This death grind outfit is nothing short of savage and relentless as they peel your skin back and rip your tender flesh from bone. Homicidal Mania Trilogy is a compilation of Miscarriage’s Homicidal Mania series of records which in total brutalize you for thirty straight tracks for over an hour. Miscarriage is fucking relentless to say the least. Each track on this offering is a blood boiling and bowel bursting cut aims for the jugular immediately never to back off until your head has been severed from your shoulders.

With blood soaked riffs and an overall entrails baptized sound, Miscarriage presents you with an unholy and twisted listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Each track is a chaotic mess of stagnant blood and festering remains that stab at you leaving you riddled with holes and lying lifeless in a ditch. These offerings are brutalizing as they charge forth with murderous and malicious intent aiming to spill blood and drain your veins of everything that they hold. Each track rolls right in to the next, suffocating you under a cyclone of rabid and beastial metal that bashes you over the head repeatedly until you can no longer be identified.

Each of the thirty cuts here are spewed forth with great intensity and great velocity snapping your head back and tearing your scalp from your skull. With ever vein slicing riffs, chaotic drums and putrid gurgling vocals, Miscarriage presents you with a sound that is all together sickening and vile. These tracks are morbid rampages of death that are unrelenting and ceaseless in their slaughter. This is ultra violence and insanity at its peak as Miscarriage pours on their brand of sickness thick burying you under a heaping dosage of violence and mania. From the onset you become battered and bruised, and when this release is all said and done you are pulverized beyond recognition.

This is pure death grind. It is uncompromising, deadly, throat slashing violence done to a tee. There is nothing here other than pure disgusting death grind that tramples you and disposes of you in the most vile way possible. Homicidal Mania Trilogy is insane, over the top, grotesque and so much more and dammit its glorious. This is death grind done just right as these sickos pour out thirty straight tracks of blistering homicidal sonic torture. You simply cannot go wrong with this release if you are a fan of grind, death metal or a combination of the two as this is simply top notch gore filled death grind.

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Homicidal Mania Trilogy

Black Coven: Everlost

October 13, 2018

Stepping in to the ever bloodied waters of the death metal genre are newcomers Black Coven hailing from Austria. Everlost is the title of their brand new EP which sports three tracks that pair melodic death metal with hints of black metal injected in to the fold providing you with an overall raw, dissonant and blackened sound. Through this release, each track gets better with the third being the most solid and well rounded track of the bunch. This is an overall solid start for a new band just jumping in to the endless fray of death.

Black Coven doesn’t sit around waiting to jump at you with their sonic barrage as they immediately set in with their opener Across The 1000 Lakes. This track is a dissonant and cold offering that is a solid yet lacking in certain areas offering that sets you up for the remaining two tracks. Through Across The 1000 Lakes you are greeted with ice cold cold riffs that are backed by ever pummeling and charging drumming that are only to be supplemented further by raspy dissonant hellish vocals. This track switches back and forth between choppy slower death marches, to more up tempo marches through the swamp providing you with some variety and tempo changes that almost lurch in certain areas.

Once the opener fades, Ablazing Dawn begins, which is a solidly more up tempo cut that is a little more of a step up than the opener. This track provides you with even more cutting riffs with an injected solo about half way through that is only to be backed by the ever throat cutting vocals. Ablazing Dawn is more well rounded than that of the opening track as this track provides you with a straight forward death march that gets your head banging and gets you more in to the track. This is a more engaging and compelling offering that leads you directly in to the third and final track Ovation of The Wolves.

Ovation of The Wolves is the most well rounded and well put together track on Everlost. This track begins with a little acoustic intro the bleeds in to an electric scythe romp that is backed by charging drumming. Near two minutes in, this offering kicks it into high gear presenting you with a solid and ripping death metal tune that is complete with tighter riffs and tighter drumming with the ever hellish vocals pouring over the sonic noise. This is the most complete and well constructed track of the three on this release and a good closing track to close out an overall decent EP.

Through and through Everlost is a decent EP as mentioned. It has elements of black metal and death metal working for it here that come together in harmony in sections, and completely in the closing track Ovation of The Wolves. What stole the show really are the hellish vocals as they are solid all on their own yet they give each track a little more bite and venom. Moving forward, the music just needs to be tighter overall then a more tightly knit and constructed sound will amount, but with that being said this is a good step forward.

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Haiduk: Exomancer

October 12, 2018


Steeped in malevolence ever quickening darkness, one man band Haiduk returns this year with Exomancer. Joining the forces of malignant death and ever soul ripping blackened death metal, Haiduk creates a punishing and overall ripping sound that does its best to tear in to your flesh. With ten tracks to its name, Exomancer sports a short run time of only thirty minutes, but within those thirty minutes you are treated to cosmic horror and terror in a pure and straight forward sonic barrage. Each of the ten tracks that are present here are razor sharp and cutting as they provide you with scythe like riffs, ever blasting drumming, occasional demonic growls that appear from the abyss and an overall sinister atmosphere.

The never ending sonic assault begins immediately as Haiduk rips straight in to their opener, assaulting you from all sides with rapid fire drumming and technical and sharp riffs. The opening track Death Portent serves you up a nice dish of sonic malevolence, setting you up for what is left to come. If the opener was a flesh tearing blackened assault you can expect the remaining nine tracks to be as well, and that they are. Each track that follows settles in line with what Death Portent had to offer, and that is straight forward skull sanding blackened death that aims to contort your neck.

These tracks are wicked as they are summoned from darkness and brewed in ever soul lashing malevolence. Each of the ten tracks here that are summoned up from the depths are just as potent and venomous as you would wish as they provide you with nothing but blistering metal. However, as rib spreading as these tracks are they are just as atmospheric. Haiduk does a great job of incorporating a sinister underlying atmosphere within each track as well making each offering even  more fiendish and consuming.

Exomancer is an overall solid listen as you are provided with ten offerings that are as you would expect from a blackened death release. Each track is potent, venomous, steeped in a malicious atmosphere and as shredding as you would imagine. Through and through this is a well done release that will please the ears of black metal and death metal fans alike.

Exomancer will be released October 17, 2018.

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Ye Goat-Herd Gods: Ashes Shall Be Made of Them

October 10, 2018

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Classifying themselves as just metal might be appropriate since Ye Goat-Herd Gods doesn’t quite fit in one single genre or another, and that is what makes them unique, incredibly memorable, diverse and varied. Incorporating numerous genres in to their sound, Ye Goat-Herd Gods creates a sound that is potent and highly addictive as you find yourself coming back for more listens. As punishing and blackened as their tracks can be, they are just as melodic and memorable as they infect your mind like a disease never to leave. From beginning to end, Ye Goat-Herd Gods provides you with ten straight tracks of nothing but melodic, atmospheric and punishing metal that drives you deep in to a seemingly endless darkness.

These purveyors of death don’t wait around to grace you with their blackened metal as they immediately set in with Ribspreader. This sickening track provides you with everything that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has to offer. It is dark, melodic and as heavy as you could want it providing you with the perfect neck twisting opener to an album that will surely make you bruise your brain against your skull many times over. From this opening track you can immediately tell that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has built off of their sound from their debut Becoming Flesh, as they are even more tightly knit and proficient.

From Ribspreader onward, you are treated to nine more tracks that play much the same way. Each of the following tracks are cohesive atmospheric and melodic marches toward death that ultimately burrow themselves deep in your brain never to vacate. Each track on this offering is so well performed and so well crafted that you almost have no other choice but to listen over and over again. Ashes Shall Be Made of Them is a well put together record, one that has great fluidity throughout making you stay for the entirety of the record and then some. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them has just about everything you could want. It is packed with melody, atmosphere, great musicianship, powerful shredding vocals, solid production and overall well constructed intense tracks one right after another. This is a certain step up from their last effort as this is an overall well rounded offering that just cannot be denied. Fans of black metal, death metal or just metal in general will find something here for them as this is just purely ten tracks of outstanding metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them will be released October 31, 2018.

Ennui: End Of The Circle

October 7, 2018

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Reaching forth with the cold withering hand of death, Ennui offer their latest End of the Circle, a three track dirge of death riddled doom that drag you across the dark recesses of the abyss. The three tracks that are present within this release along with their lengthy run times provide you with nothing short of intense, atmospheric and mind bending metal for your consumption. Each of these tracks are so well constructed and all consuming that you just have no choice but to get lost within it all. From beginning to end, Ennui provide you with top notch doom metal that has a great knack for stealing your mind away and having it wander through all of the winding and darkened corridors that Ennui lay out before you.

End of the Circle is an intense and incredibly captivating listen to say the least. This release is monolithic as each track runs over twenty to thirty minutes in length. Each of the three offerings here are epics that swallow you whole, consuming you for their entirety until the final forlorn note has rang through the halls of the long forgotten. Ennui begin their release with the title track, a thirty plus minute opus of doom that trudges forth at glacial speed, hitting you with forlorn notes and melancholic atmospheres that wrap you mind in a dismal fog. Ennui only breaks the cycle of cold and bitter doom to provide you with stints of ever crushing death metal that leave you leveled only to reign things back in cycling back to their ever crushing dirge of doom.

The title track is a well knit and well put together offering that is technical, precise, atmospheric, dark, intense, melodic and so much more and that can be said for the two tracks that follow as well. The remaining two tracks are just as hypnotic and captivating as they provide you with the same intensity and same mind bending atmospheric tendencies. These three compositions are something to behold as they are simply incredible. End of the Circle is an addictive listen, one that takes you on quite a sonic journey from beginning to end, and as lengthy as each track is you never feel that run time. Ennui has crafted each track here so well that they draw you in to their dark and death filled world forever making you want to stay and witness each funeral dirge over and over again.

End of the Circle is a great work of doom, and through three tracks Ennui showcases their abilities through and through. They are proficient and technical masters of doom and all of that is shown through the three incredible tracks that are harbored within the title.

End of the Circle is out now!

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Bedsore: S/T

October 6, 2018

With their two track self titled demo, Bedsore offers up a unique and fresh sound to the putrid wastelands of death metal. While they play in the collapsed vein of the old, Bedsore add their own unique twist to the sound making it entirely their own. Not only do they offer up punishing and ever gutting straight forward death metal, but they mix in ethereal and dream like passages as well to steal your mind away and have it washed over with twisted yet welcoming visions. Even though there are only two tracks to this demo, each track is lengthy clocking in at over nine minutes and eight minutes respectively providing you with plenty of content to lose your mind to.

Each track is woven together with great expertise providing you with a well rounded and cohesive sound. Bedsore mix their general death metal assault with their hypnotic atmospheric passages together very well, never lurching from one to the next as they keep each track fluid and well structured. These two monstrous offerings that Bedsore provides are varied and incredibly diverse. Never will you hear the same thing twice and through repeat listens you will pick up on things that you may not have heard in listens previous.

From beginning to end you are treated excellent musicianship that is backed by gritty howled vocals from the void. To supplement the overall sonic assault, Bedsore lines each track with a twisted and dream like atmosphere that grabs your attention immediately. Even when you are treated to their pure gutting death metal, Bedsore still sews in their incredible ambiance and atmosphere making their tracks that much more diverse and memorable. When the slower more methodical dream like passages do crop up, you become hypnotized and drawn in even more as Bedsore takes your mind forever to capture it.

Bedsore is a unique beast all their own, and through two tracks they make that very well known. These death dealers mix both punishing death with ethereal atmospheres with ease creating a sound that is wholly unique and addictive. The two tracks provided here are lengthy to be sure for death metal, but never do you feel as though they over stay their welcome as they play so fluidly and are so well crafted. This is an impressive demo to say the least and Bedsore is a band to keep your eye.

Lifelost: Dialogues From Beyond

September 30, 2018

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Howling through the void to infect and contort your mind is Lifelost with their new record Dialogues From Beyond. This record is a gritty and intense offering packed all within only five tracks. Through its relatively short run time, Dialogues From Beyond drags you through dimensions yet unexplored and darkness yet to be traversed. From beginning to end you are greeted with sinister and harrowing atmospheres as well as pure blistering black metal that just cannot be denied. Each track is a soul cleaving effort that charges forth with great intensity and malevolence granting you with a truly terrifying and twisted listen.

Dialogues From Beyond is a gripping and spellbinding offering from beginning to end, and once all is said and done you come crawling back for more. Lifelost wastes no time to greet you with their mind altering sound as they set in immediately with their ripping opening track never to relent, forever dragging you further in to a cosmic darkness. This record grips you tightly never to release you as it drags your fragile psyche through darkened corridors yet unexplored. Each track is a juggernaut of blackened malevolence providing you with nothing but top notch, harrowing, suspenseful and life harvesting black metal.

Lifelost moves with great fluidity from track to track never granting you reprieve from the overall sonic onslaught. This darkened record is five complete tracks of frightening metal that gives you little rest, forever twisting your mind and ever plunging you deeper in to the recesses of the abyss. As short as this release is, it is still captivating and mesmerizing as it holds your attention for its entirety only to break the spell once the final track has concluded. Each of the five offerings that are harbored within this title are exceptional tracks as they are crafted perfectly and executed with great precision to present you with one hell of damning and entertaining listen.

The quality of Dialogues From Beyond is not to be denied as it is top notch all the way around. From the musicianship, to the otherworldly vocals to the sinister atmosphere and to the production, Dialogues From Beyond is a record to behold. This blackened masterpiece really is a monolith even with its short run time. It has you under its spell immediately and always has you coming back and begging for more. This is a masterfully crafted record, one that will more than likely stand near the  top of some of the best black metal releases this year.

Dialogues From Beyond will be released October 28, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for Malign Emanatio from the upcoming record below!

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Clawing: Labour

September 30, 2018

Album Artwork.jpg

Totaling near thirty minutes, Labour is a track that is separated in to parts by spoken word that spin a harrowing tale of drug addiction and that the only thing that brings this person in the story any happiness is digging a hole. Labour is consuming, enveloping, atmospheric, ambient, harrowing, melancholy, gripping and so many more descriptors that could not do the weight of the music justice. Clawing has a great ability to draw you in to their music, gripping you tightly and bringing you along for the tale that they weave. This track is broken down exceptionally giving plenty of time to tell the tale as well as completely encompass you in the dark and melancholic ambiance that they provide.

As Labour swells up from out of the darkness, it begins with ambient noises of dirt being dug accompanied by melancholic guitar tones that comes complete with one striking line, “will you put me out to pasture?”. From here on, Labour creeps along at a slow burning pace, ever filling you with darkness and ever encompassing you in bitter, cold and mind breaking atmospheres and ambiance. This ambiance is filled with hopelessness, devoid of all light and humanity. As Labour marches forth, it guides you down darkened corridors, ever pressing your mind back in to the shadows, ever needling at your emotions, making you feel unsettled and uneasy.

Labour brings everything down to earth, as it spins a tale that hits close to home not only for me, but for many others out there. The overall sound of this release is one that represents a lot of emotion that goes along with dealing with addiction. It is dark, twisted, grounded, melancholic and terrifying all in the same. Clawing has presented something here that evokes a lot of the emotions that their track is trying to portray. Every note can be felt and the ambiance hangs over you like a darkened cloud never to fade until the final note has receded back into obscurity.

This is a great release, one that is grounded in reality and one that can hit home for a lot of people. The music overall is great, the noise elements, the ambiance, everything about it is well done. Mix that in with a story that hits you like a ton of bricks, and one that really evokes emotions that you may not have wanted to touch on, you get a release that really draws you in. Overall, Labour is a very solid release, one that should be heard.

Labour will be released October 31, 2018.

Doldrey: S/T

September 26, 2018

Hailing from Singapore comes Doldrey with their self titled release that comes complete with five ripping tracks that are sure to leave you banging your brain against your skull. Fusing death metal and punk together, Doldrey create a dissonant, raw and bombastic sound that you just can’t deny. Each track is a ripping and razor sharp offering that aims for the jugular. These are blitzkriegs as they are short tracks that pack a massive punch within their short run times. There is not a single hint of bullshit here as Doldrey get right into the thick of things from the very beginning never to relent in their assault for the entirety of the release.

Doldrey set out for blood  immediately with their opening grave stomper War. This track is a venomous beginning for an overall potent and savage release. War rages on taking no prisoners and leaving no weakling not stomped in to the ground. This opening track gets your head banging immediately and your body moving as sitting still just isn’t an option. War sets you up for even more rampage and blood letting as each track that follows is just as ruthless and gutting. Each of the five dissonant tracks that are present within this self titled release are venomous and filled with a massive amount of intensity that knock you back a couple of paces.

Doldrey is relentless as they provide you with razor caked riffs that are only to be supplemented by ever spastic and tumultuous drumming and savage blood dripping vocals that howl out from beyond the crypt. Each track is a bombastic offering that mixes death and punk together seamlessly to create an unholy alliance of noise, disease and death. This is a no holds barred offering that confronts you from the very get go, gripping you by the throat never to release you from your ultimate demise.

Overall, this self titled release is a complete ripper. The five tracks that are present here are head caving in the best possible way as you keep wanting to replay the savagery over and over again.


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