Featured Interview: Lectern

In their eighteen year career, Lectern has been on a tear releasing a handful of EPs and two full lengths with their most recent full length popping up last year titled Precept of Delator. Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Lectern some questions I had for them and they […]

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Mahakala: The Second Fall

  The concepts of heaven, hell, angels, God and Lucifer aren’t new to heavy metal by any means, but instead of just making individual songs about all of those topics, Mahakala sew it all together in a concept album titled The Second Fall. This new release from these Greek heavy metal merchants tells the tale […]

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Skelethal: Of the Depths…

Hailing from France and comprised of two death metal obsessed maniacs is Skelethal. The fact that they live, breath and pretty much do anything that is in relation to death metal certainly shines through on their new record Of the Depths…. This new pummeling release is just that. It is nine furious tracks of nothing […]

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Idre: Unforgiving Landscapes

When looking at Idre’s page, under genre they put “loud dark atmospheric” and really they couldn’t have said it any better. Idre certainly is loud, dark and atmospheric among many other things however. Idre is a unique and interesting band that hails from Oklahoma City and their newest full length is titled Unforgiving Landscapes. This […]

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