Neige et Noirceur: Verglapolis

Just as bleak, cold and bitter as a Canadian winter comes equally as bleak, cold and bitter band Neige et Noirceur. Verglapolis is the title of the new record by Neige et Noirceur and it sports six atmospheric and bone chilling blackened songs for your torment. Neige et Noirceur is noted as an atmospheric and ambient […]

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Bloodphemy: Bloodline

Amersfoort is not only home to rich history and wonderful sights to behold, but Amersfoort is also home to death metal behemoth Bloodphemy as well. Last year in January, Bloodphemy had released their mini album Blood Will Tell and now just a little over one year later, Bloodphemy has now released their first full length record […]

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Bury The Machines: Wicked Covenant

  Rumbling and buzzing guitars along with haunting and monstrous vocals breathe life into Wicked Covenant the new EP from Bury The Machines. This three track EP is something to behold as it is heavy, rhythmic, melodic, melancholic and more packed tightly and neatly into just three songs. This is a dark release that is packed […]

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Voids of Vomit: Ritval Expiation

Originally released on tape in 2016 through Unholy Domain Records, Ritval Expiation contained two tracks of utter destruction and mayhem. Now this year Ritval Expiation is getting a proper re-release through Everlasting Spew Records complete with four never before released (on CD) tracks from a 2008 split  for you to damage your brain and twist your neck […]

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Aposento: Bleed To Death

Aposento was formed in Spain in 1990, and not long after in 1991 they had their very first demo released and two years later their second demo followed. Aposento toured for quite some time until 1997 when the band dissolved. Many years later in 2012 they returned, and in 2014 they finally released their very […]

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Mesmer: Mesmer EP

With plenty of grit and groove, Mesmer come barreling out of your speakers with their self titled release. Combining the likes of rock ‘n’ roll and doom, Mesmer has created a sound that is fresh and unbelievably memorable. Mesmer weave rock and doom metal together expertly in each of the five songs that are on […]

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Wizard Union: Phantom Fury

Appearing like an apparition out of thick hazy pot smoke is Wizard Union and toting with them from the depths of the Netherworld is their newest release Phantom Fury. With six tracks to its title, Phantom Fury provides you with a buzzing in your face listen that is wholly infectious and memorable. Each track is that […]

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