Protosequence: Biophagous


Mashing together the likes of technical death metal, deathcore and even djent, Protosequence create a wholly unique and captivating sound. These Canadian metal heads bridge the gap between numerous genres supplying a sound that is sure to suit many different listeners. The nice thing about these guys is that you can’t really pigeonhole them into one single genre as they switch genres so often. And not only that, but they sew each different genre together seamlessly creating a cohesive sound. With so many genres at their disposal, one would think that the overall sound would be chaotic, but that certainly is not the case.

Everything within Protosequence’s newest release Biophagous flows so well and so effortlessly that it just doesn’t seem as though they have to try all that hard to put out a sound as heavy and unique as they do. With only four tracks to its title, Biophagous does a great job of keeping your attention all throughout the listen and then some. Without pumping their EP full of fluff or intros or outros or anything of the like, Protosequence does a great job of capturing your ear and your attention only to have you listen numerous times without ever really realizing it.

Not only does Protosequence do a great job of jumping from genre to genre seamlessly, but they also transition between more melodic passages and the heavier passages seamlessly as well. Never once does it seem as though Protosequence lurches or stumble over themselves as they gift you with nothing but smooth, heavy, technical and melodic metal for you to bang your head to. There is a great balance in Biophagous between the more melodic passages and the heavier neck snapping ones giving you plenty of variety and diversity all throughout the EP.

Throughout Biophagous you become surrounded by heavy yet melodic riffs that descend into searing solos every now and then that are only to be supplemented by acrobatic drumming and aggressive vocals that never subside even when the more subdued and melodic moments appear. The musicianship on this EP is great and will send your head into a head banging frenzy before you know it. As mentioned before, each element that is pumped into this release is executed very well and Protosequence never misses a beat as they supply you with some damn solid metal.

Biophagous is a solid EP overall, one that you can listen to numerous times without tiring of it. The only thing I will say is that this EP just isn’t long enough, but that’s just me being selfish and that really isn’t a gripe at all. Other than that this is a solid release.

Biophagous will be released August 18, 2017.

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Aversio Humanitatis: Longing For The Untold



Longing For The Untold was originally released in Spain on CD earlier in the year, and now it will be getting a vinyl and tape re-release through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. This re-release is complete with the original four tracks that appeared on the original release of the EP as well as three more bonus tracks that have been taken from past releases. In this review, the four original tracks from the EP will be reviewed.

Hailing from Spain’s capital Madrid comes the blackened force to be reckoned with Aversio Humanitatis, and tailing not far behind them is their newest release Longing For The Untold. This hellish release is filled with four tracks of nothing but progressive black metal to relinquish your soul to. Each track is miasmal, sinister and twisting providing you with a dark and abyssal listen. The more that you listen and the deeper you get in to the EP, the further and further you descend into utter darkness. Longing For The Untold is devoid of all light and there certainly is no light at the end of your life-or tunnel-and as each second passes you become shrouded in abysmal and frigid blackness.

Longing For The Untold jumps out of your speakers immediately never giving you time to prepare for the all out blackened assault. From the first note on, Aversio Humanitatis hammers away at you with slicing riffs that are coupled with pounding drums and unearthly vocals. This release is something wretched and soul stealing aiming only to plunge you further and further into the ever growing and forever breathing abyss. Never once does Aversio Humanitatis let up in their war against all things good and whole as they rage on with each passing track providing you with a hellish and nightmarish listen.

Each of the four tracks is bleak, damning and unforgiving never really giving you a moment to rest from the slaughtering barrage of blackened fury. Even though Longing For The Untold is only four tracks in length it still looms large wielding a scythe ready to cull the weak and damn their souls for all eternity. Longing For The Untold is a twisting and malevolent release, one that provides you with nothing but soul shattering content for you to revel and suffer in.

Aversio Humanitatis does a great job of mixing up their tempos, providing you with ultimately pummeling and neck breaking blackened fury as well as slower lurching passages that are just as heavy and damning. These hellions do a great job of pairing the two different styles together to create a whole and cohesive sound that aims to break the spirit of anyone who dares listen. Not only does Aversio Humanitatis present you with dirges of death and gloom, but they also provide you with an atmosphere that is without any hope what so ever. The ever present atmosphere looms over your head throughout the entire EP gifting you nothing but darkness wherever it is that you may go.

Longing For The Untold is a solid release, one that presents you with plenty of content within only four tracks. As mentioned, Longing For The Untold looms large commanding your attention and keeping it all the way through your listen. Overall, this is a solid outing by Aversio Humanitatis.


Vultures Vengeance: Where the Time Dwelt In

Obscure and off the radar bands is what Caligari Records seems to be the best at finding, and Vultures Vengeance certainly is no different, however, this Italian heavy metal act should definitely be on your radar. After releasing a demo in 2015, Vultures Vengeance originally released Where the Time Dwelt In in 2016, and now through Caligari Records it is getting a re-release in the form of a tape. Where the Time Dwelt In is a five track-including an intro-release that is nothing but heavy metal at its utmost finest. However, this isn’t just your standard traditional heavy metal act as they add in elements of the occult to provide a nice fresh take on an older genre that has needed a breath of fresh air.

Vultures Vengeance begins Where the Time Dwelt In with an intro that bleeds perfectly into the following track A Curse From Obsidian Realm. The intro does a great job of sucking you in to the rest of the release and the remaining four tracks do a great job of keeping you listening all throughout and then some. Each track on this release is performed and executed very well to gift to you a solid and head bang worthy listen that you ultimately cannot stop listening to. As mentioned before, Vultures Vengeance add a few twists to the traditional heavy metal sound to create a unique and intriguing sound, ultimately creating an intoxicating and highly memorable one.

Once Vultures Vengeance gets going they just don’t stop as they pour out track after track of nothing but heavy metal magic. This four piece certainly has a knack for and an ear for heavy metal as they display their heavy metal power and prowess through five great tracks. Where the Time Dwelt In is packed full of soaring solos, powerful vocals and great musicianship overall to provide you with a highly entertaining listen. Each track is smooth, melodic and atmospheric and has no issues with drawing you in and keeping you engrossed all throughout.

Where the Time Dwelt In is a great release and how it has flown under the radar for me up until this point is beyond me. It will be exciting to see what Vultures Vengeance has in store next as far as releases go, whether it’ll be a full length or another EP. Regardless of that, what we have now is Where the Time Dwelt In, and we’ll just have to wear this release out until another appears from the crypts.

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Nan Elmoth: Void Serpent

Listening to Nan Elmoth you wouldn’t really think that they hail from the United States let alone California, but they do and they are here to spread their disease as far and wide as possible it seems. With their sophomore full length effort Void Serpent, Nan Elmoth provides you with four lengthy twisted black metal tracks for you to relinquish your soul to. These demon spawn combine more traditional black metal with some hints of modern black metal to create an unholy whirlwind of disgust and restless souls. The four tracks that are provided on this record are long form blackened aural assaults, nothing more, nothing less.

Once you begin listening you ultimately become savaged by the brute force of each of the four tracks. Nan Elmoth doesn’t waste any time at all getting you acquainted and acclimated to their brand of deadly metal. Nan Elmoth begin this record with Purification which begins with some feedback that ultimately makes way for the descending chaos and blackened torture that follows. From then on, Nan Elmoth roll out track after track of sinister and blistering black metal that won’t allow you to escape with your soul in tact. Each track on this release is twisting and nightmarish providing you with an overall sound that is bleak and sordid.

Void Serpent is dissonant and completely stripped down and devoid of all fillers of any sort of fluff. From track to track you are presented with blistering tremolo picked riffs that are only to be backed up by hammering drums and screeches from the ever darkening abyss. As mentioned, Nan Elmoth’s sound as a whole is dissonant and abyssal forever pulling you downward in your never ending descent into the dark. However, each track isn’t just purely blistering and blasting as Nan Elmoth slow the tempo down from time to time to gift you with a plodding and dismal sound that tends to trudge on for some minutes before they accost you once more with the more up tempo style.

Void Serpent isn’t unlike other black metal albums, but even so it is still raw, powerful and utterly sinister. Nan Elmoth work in traditional black metal with more modern black metal seamlessly creating their own sound and not just following in the footsteps of their black metal forefathers. Overall, Void Serpent is a solid black metal release, one that will surely catch and gain the attention of black metal fans everywhere.

Void Serpent can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp and will be out through Pacific Threnodies July 28, 2017.

Inanimate Existence: Underneath A Melting Sky

Underneath A Melting Sky album artwork

Over the years, I feel  that Inanimate Existence has been a household name for technical death metal and just straight up death metal fans, for good reason. Over the seven years that this band has been in existence, they have pumped out three solid albums to this point, providing you with nothing but some of the most top notch technical death metal out there, and Underneath A Melting Sky certainly is no exception to that statement. This brand new record from these technical death metal aficianados head back to their roots while adding some twists and a new look as to what their original sound was to begin with. Underneath A Melting Sky provides you with eight brand new tracks that are just as head spinning and brain melting as you would wish them to be, and once you press play, there certainly is no stopping the death dealing juggernaut that is Inanimate Existence.

The overall sound is technical-of course-heavy and atmospheric, ultimately providing you with an ethereal and yet an undeniably neck snapping sound. Once you press play you have no choice but to head bang into oblivion and it seems as though Inanimate Existence won’t let go without doing so. Each track is riddled with an onslaught of savage riffs that descend in to wonderful and captivating clean sections. On top of the relentless riffs are the barreling drums and technical and intricate bass work that are forces to be reckoned with themselves. The mangled cherry on top of everything are the unrelenting unearthly dual vocal style from Cameron Porras and Scott Bradley. Backing up all of the swirling metallic madness are the intricate and swirling synths that provide you with a dark and twisting yet dream like atmosphere that sucks you in even further into the listen never to let you go.

Underneath A Melting Sky does a great job of grabbing you by the throat and keeping your attention all the way through. I mean, you shouldn’t have an issue with that anyway, but still. There isn’t a track on this release that you would think of skipping and there isn’t a track where you would want even more out of Inanimate Existence. Each of the eight tracks on this release are as solid as they can be, and the execution is great. As technical and blistering as certain parts of Underneath A Melting Sky can be, it never is chaotic or way over the top. Everything seems to flow seamlessly and effortlessly presenting you with a great and highly intoxicating listen. Once your first listen is over you feel the need to curb your fix as you wear out the play button on whatever device it is that you happen to be listening to this record on.

From the technical precision that these guys display, to the dark and sinister atmosphere, to the clean production and more, this record is one solid fucking release. There is only one issue that I have found with it however, and that is that is just simply is not long enough. That is it. Other than that, this release is great, and you should keep your eyes peeled for it when it is released.

Underneath A Melting Sky will be released through The Artisan Era August 25, 2017.

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From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred: Split EP

From the Hellmouth Split

Joining forces to spread as much death, destruction and malice as possible are two of Ohio’s finest death metal acts, From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred. These two skull crushing bands have come together to present an eight track EP that is certain to take your life and leave you rotting bloodied and beaten in a shallow ditch. There is not a track on this split that will save you from the blood letting what so ever as each of the eight tracks on this release are as brain boiling and blood thirsty as you could possibly imagine.

The first three tracks on this split belong to From the Hellmouth, and each of their tracks are just as devastating as the last. From the Hellmouth comes blasting out of your speakers first with Cast Into The Sea, a neck snapping and flesh peeling track that gets your head nodding from the drop of the first note. The brutality doesn’t stop there however as From the Hellmouth roll on supplying you with two more tracks that are just as heavy and soul ripping. With an unrelenting sound that is brought to you by bone shattering drumming, skin melting riffs and blood curdling vocals, From the Hellmouth seems to aim to dig you an early grave. The fusion of straight up death metal with some elements of brutal death and slam work so well together ultimately presenting you an unrelenting barrage of vile and disgusting death for you to revel in. The three tracks that From the Hellmouth has on this split are monstrous and a complete force to be reckoned with. Prepare to have your skull severed in two.

The final five tracks of this split EP belong to Mutilatred of course, and these morgue suppliers provide you with even more disgust, filth and blood for you to soak up. There is almost no time at all to prepare yourself for Mutilatred’s onslaught as their first track of the split EP shoots straight out of your speakers aiming for nothing but your throat. These death dealers hack and slash their way through the five remaining tracks with the intent to cull the weak and obliterate anyone who dares oppose them. As hammering drums and grave digging riffs reign down upon you, you can feel your brain being turned into cerebral soup with each passing minute. Mutilatred-much like From the Hellmouth-has a massive and vile sound. The overall sound is raw and unfiltered and each track seems to be dripping with blood and the innards of their last and latest victims. Not only are you the listener, but you will be and are the next cadaver.

These two bands are insane, in a good way of course. Both From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred are disgustingly heavy and both bring something new and fresh to the altar of sacrifice. With this split, both bands fork out brand new tracks-of course-and each of the eight tracks-including the eight and a half minute ominous closer-are potent and memorable. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking anything as each of them are executed very well only to provide something that is purely unholy and utterly devastating and destructive. After just one listen you will feel as though you have been chopped up and left for dead. These blood drenched and victim seeking tracks are something to behold, and there is no possible way that you can go wrong with this release if you are a death metal fan of any kind.

You can pre-order this release right on Bandcamp.

This split will be released August 4, 2017 through Redefining Darkness Records.


Biesy: Noc Lekkich Obyczajów


Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is the title of the debut full length from Polish blackened death metal act Biesy. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is a concept album about how urban life can isolate and separate you from reality and how it can also permit you to be free and roam wherever you please. Through six tracks, Biesy provides you with an intense, unsettling and dismal sound that is sure to latch on to you from the very beginning. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is quite a commanding and demanding record for being Biesy’s debut full length, and with that being said, it is nice to see that right from the very beginning they pull out all the stops and pull no punches to present to you a raw and unfiltered release.

Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is a gigantic record, and it doesn’t seem as though Biesy is afraid what so ever to go for broke and lay it all out on the table. These heathens seem to take no shortcuts with this record, and what you hear seems to be Biesy giving it their all, emptying the tank to provide you with an overall captivating and harrowing listen. According to Third Eye Temple, it doesn’t seem as though Biesy even left the room to take breaks from recording, and that certainly shows.

This entire record is filled with harsh, terrorizing and blasting tunes that get your neck snapping in a heart beat. The riffs are sinister and razor sharp and they are only supplemented by hammering drums and throat tearing vocals to create a bleak and bitter sound for you to soak up. However, Biesy doesn’t just provide you with nothing but blasting and tumultuous tunes as they present to you a slower tempo as well that is eerie and just as sinister. Biesy utilizes both the up tempo blastings as well as the haunting down tempo in cohesion to provide you with a unique and completely dismal listen. Never does it seem as though Biesy lurches from their up tempo style to their down tempo style as they sew both together seamlessly creating an unholy and soul sucking sound.

More than just the metallic onslaught though is the poisonous atmosphere that they provide all throughout the record as well. The atmosphere is mystifying, blackened and harsh, surrounding you the very minute that you press play. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów as a whole would be bleak and sinister without the use of such a detrimental atmosphere, but with it, Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is just that much darker and that much more potent.

Overall, Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is an interesting record, one that sucks you in and captivates you. For this being Biesy’s debut it certainly is one hell of a solid record.

Noc Lekkich Obyczajów will be out through Third Eye Temple September 9, 2017.