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Spiteful Urinator//Trepanation Split

July 20, 2015

a0323461636_16 Splits are always interesting. Bands on a split could and generally do complement each other, or they won’t. In the case of Spiteful Urinator and Trepanation they complement each other very well. Both are punk/hardcore acts with undertones of black metal. Both are incredibly ferocious, pack a punch, and won’t stop dropping nukes on you until the war is ten years past.

The split starts off with Spiteful Urinator, and they contribute seven tracks with a total of almost ten minutes. Ten minutes is not a long time for this kind of assault. It’s a blitzkrieg, they storm in, fuck you up, destroy your house and leave ten minutes later. The buzzing guitars, schizophrenic drumming, concrete shattering bass, and the hoarse black metal esque vocals make for a short but very entertaining side. With Spiteful Urinator being classified as possibly war metal as well, you don’t know whether to start a riot, or bomb a country, so I say why not both? Black metal and punk combined together is not all together new, but with a slightly different spin on it it’s a fresh breath of air. Spiteful Urinator do a hell of a job making you want to stick it to the man as well as sacrifice a goat.

The second side of the split features a band called Trepanation. They offer three songs to this split, but the songs also equal close to ten minutes. Both bands have a very similar style of play which is exactly what you want to hear on a split. Trepanation is more on the black metal side of things. The vocals are higher pitched on a gravely screeching spectrum, the guitars are just as buzz filled, the drums seem more tight, and the bass just as prominent. Where as Spiteful Urinator lean more toward a punk standard, Trepanation lean more toward the black metal side of things with hints of punk and hardcore. It’s a punishing three songs from start to finish, and I’d be afraid if I were a goat.

This split offers ten songs in total amassing just over nineteen minutes. That just makes for some head banging goodness if you ask me. Don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourselves.

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