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Vintage Warlords-The Invisible Foe EP

July 26, 2015

a2850166274_10 Debut albums can be tricky. They normally are lacking something, or they can be really impressive. Well, with this release by Vintage Warlords, it’s the latter. Hailing from the U.S. Vintage Warlords are a doom/death metal hybrid. The Invisible Foe EP was released in May of this year on Redefining Darkness Records, and much to my disappointment I am just discovering them right now. The first thing you notice of course is the striking art work for this EP and the black metal esque logo. What is inside of this EP resembles the artwork. It’s a crushing monster waiting to destroy everything in its path.

The three track EP begins with the song Exodus of Souls, and it’s a crushing intro of what is left to come. There is no holds barred on this album. Each song is riff fueled inspired by old school death metal, and new death metal alike. The drum kit I’m sure cried after the recording of this album, and the vocalist himself sounds like a force to be reckoned with. The Invisible Foe is a sonic onslaught of some of the heaviest metal.

Stitching two genres together takes guts, and a lot of effort. The duo of death metal and doom has been noticeable as of late. More bands are combining the two worlds trying to successfully marry the powerful metallic onslaught of death metal, and the crushing, rib cracking doom riffs and melodies. Vintage Warlord marry those two wonderfully creating something unique. They transition seamlessly between death metal and doom, that one minute you’re head banging at break neck speeds to the death metal parts, then you’re on you’re knees succumbing to the almighty doom riffage that is portrayed.

As you can tell, the musicianship is impressive to say the least, but that is just the tip of what is happening here on this debut EP. Throw the vocalist in the mix who conjures his vocals up from the blackest reaches of hell, you have something that caves any skull in. At the end of the EP, you really feel as though you’ve fought a behemoth. The Invisible Foe is smooth, powerful, delivers such a crippling blow you’ll be lucky to get up after this three track EP. The force that is the musicianship, coupled with smart, dark lyrics screamed at you with the powerful roar of the vocalist makes this album so fun to listen to. It’s fresh, and devastating. Listen at your own risk.

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