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Camel Heavy-Self Titled Debut

July 30, 2015

a1186171818_10 Bands have been popping up in Chicago like wildfire lately. Someone has clearly started a heavy metal fire in Chicago. It is a hot bed, a breeding ground for some damn good heavy metal of all kinds, but mainly the stoner rock/doom variety. Camel Heavy is from Chicago if you did not notice just yet, and the piqued my interest simply because of their name. It is an unusual name, but in the world of metal, unusual is pretty normal.

The other norm as of late, has been Chicago bands playing a style of stoner metal, doom, or a combination of the two. Camel Heavy play the latter. In fact the doom is more sprinkled on instead of being a main fixture. The stoner metal part however is very prominent. There are no vocals on this album it is all instrumental. With instrumental albums, you have to captivate the audience with something truly different and ear pleasing. Everything really needs to be pleasing to the ear even with a vocalist. But with a vocalist, he is the main focus for the most part, so just taking an instrumental approach can be a little tricky at times.

As tricky as being just a straight up instrumental band can be, Camel Heavy really make the listen fun. The five track album is groove heavy and gets your head nodding right from the get go. It is all together a smooth piece of music, with the guitars being at the forefront leading the charge into the fuzzy stoner metal riffage. Paired with the heavy melodic riffs are the drums that are just soothing to listen to.

The whole album as a matter of fact is soothing to listen to. Everything is easy to digest. Easy to digest doesn’t mean its simple by any means, it just simply means it is a piece of music where you don’t feel assaulted when you listen to it. Heavy metal doesn’t have to make you feel like you’ve been mauled by a giant bear in the middle of the woods with no one to call for help. It can make you feel soothed and relaxed as you nod along to it.

Camel Heavy is certainly as heavy as a camel, if not more so. They’re enjoyable, fun, and they rock. The fuzzed out memorable riffs will have you thinking about them for a while. The songs are relatively long as stoner/doom metal songs should be, so you have a lot to chew on here. In short, this album is good, it is captivating, it certainly is as heavy as a camel.

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