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Featured Interview: Urdun

July 31, 2015

a3899042440_10I’m very excited to present to you my very first interview. Urdun was kind enough to answer my questions I shot there way. So without further ado I present to you my interview with these Icelandic metallers. 

Thank you for taking the time out to answer a couple of questions. First let me start by asking, Can you tell me a little bit about the bands origin? How it all came together and how you chose the name for your band?

The band’s origin stretches out a few years further than its official start, I wanted to start a death metal band in the end of 2011 but there were a lot of issues finding members that could commit. Eventually in the autumn of 2013 I invited an old friend to play bass and he suggested a childhood friend of his to join the battering rams. A year later the second guitarist was added since we wanted to beef up the sound and he had previously been affiliated in a music project with me.
The name of the band came from a label on the lid of a trash-bin where it said “Óflokkað sorp til urðunar” which translates to “Unrecycled garbage for disposal/burial” hence the name Urðun, which means burial in Icelandic.

Is the death metal scene big in Iceland?

I can’t say the death metal “scene” is big, there is just a tendency to calling it “the metal scene” around here, despite black metal having such a huge rise lately, which is all good though. There are some decent somewhat active death metal bands around. We will be playing a couple of shows in Reykjavík and Hafnafjörður with the band Narthraal on the 14th and 15th of August! They play good old HM-2 worshipping buzz saw death metal.

When writing the demo Horror and Gore, were you trying to go for an old school sound, or did it happen naturally?

When I started writing the songs, I was never sure on a sound and I felt like I was being influenced too much by too different bands and I wanted to narrow it down to what I perceive as death metal, filth, gore and shit. Well, not shit, but you get what I mean, a double emphasis on filth factor. The “old school sound” just happened to come naturally since I’m a fanatic for Autopsy, Impetigo and wanting to capture the crispy rawness of gory b-movie horror flicks, cheaply made and sounds disgusting but enjoyable!

Can you tell me a little bit about the writing process that takes place in order to make your music.

Haha funny you should ask about “writing progress”… I don’t really have an idea how I do it, it just happens, really. I try to come up with some fun riffs to play I guess and then later on puzzle them together in some fashion so it sounds nice. I’m however very prone to changing riffs, variations and song structures throughout that progress so I can start with one thing and end up with something completely different! It can be hard to make a song that way, but it happens eventually, it comes around.

Have you sought anyone out to help distribute your demo/future albums? How difficult is it to find someone willing to help distribute the music?

We did release the demo first and foremost ourselves on CD-R format, all DIY. Then we didn’t think the CD-R gave it enough justice and we had contemplated releasing it on cassette and Signal Rex from Portugal so happened to contact us to release the demo on that beloved stinky format! It’s fairly easy to find someone if you just take your time to spot some underground labels/distros serving bands with a similar approach. We have a few vague plans for a second demo release which will be a split, but nothing more on that for now!

Just a couple questions left. What are some good bands in Iceland you would recommend for people check out?

There are a few bands worth checking out: Angist, Narthraal, Sinmara, Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Lucy In Blue, Sororicide (disbanded) and Drýsill (disbanded) to name a few. There are more but these were just on the top of my head.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are of course, Autopsy, Obituary, Impetigo, Sororicide, early Death and much more, including the danish death metal band Undergang. They’ve been inspiring me a lot lately, it’s a monster of a band. Heavy as shit!!

Do you have any future plans for an EP or maybe a full length in the works?

As I said earlier, there are plans for a demo split hopefully by the end of this year. As for a full length, I’m quite uncertain.

Is there any news or anything at all you would like to tell your fans and the readers?

I don’t have anything much more to say as it is other than keep on rotting you sick fucks!

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