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Infera Bruo-In Conjuration

July 31, 2015

a0061979512_10 Boston is a good place for black metal, especially in the winter. It’s cold, snowy and there is just no escape from the harsh winter. If you didn’t catch on Infera Bruo is from Boston and they do play some intriguing black metal.

In Conjuration is their fourth release since 2011, so they’ve been pretty busy. Intriguing is a mild way to put it I suppose. They mix different things in with black metal to create a sound that is unique and was foreign to me at least. They still have the typical black metal vocals, and the ripping sonic style of play, but they know how to slow it down, create some ambiance and let the blackness wash over you like a tidal wave of darkness.

Balancing melody with chaos isn’t always easy, especially in black metal because black metal is generally all over the place. Infera Bruo does a great job of not crossing any line, balancing the two very well. On songs like Formless,  the song is relentlessly black metal for the most part, but offers melodic touches to it as well. Around half way through or just beyond, the song breaks down into a nice melodic guitar solo that transforms into some nice clean singing to compliment the screams of the vocalist.

More than the screams, you need the musicianship to go along with it. In Conjuration serves up some spicy riffs, tight drumming, some hellish vocals and just great music to listen to in general. Infera Bruo plays fast and technical never crossing the line into the insane. With black metal it’s about atmosphere as well. With songs as long as there are on In Conjuration you need some really captivating, memorable songs and Infera Bruo provide that for you.

With everything that is happening in this album, they keep it nice and tidy with the production, as well as the just the music itself. Very well put together album. It is a long album with the songs being upwards of five plus minutes-with the longest being over ten-but that doesn’t make you want to push play again any less. The album is inviting, entices you to listen to it and convert over to the side of evil. In Conjuration is a full work of art, taking your ears on a blasphemous journey through the mist and black fog that is black metal.

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