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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Ectovoid-Dark Abstraction

July 27, 2015

a3506651445_10 Earlier this month this band Ectovoid put their second album Dark Abstraction out through Hellthrasher Productions. What they have done was build on their sound from their last album Fractured in the Timeless Abyss. They’ve developed their raw onslaught of death metal into something that is even more punishing, even more visceral. They have been able to keep that edge, while warping it into something tighter and overall darker.

From the very first song Obscure Altars, Ectovoid is very reminiscent of old school death metal in its prime. Those old school riffs, vocals, drum work, the pounding of the bass as well as the content itself is of that time. The gravely vocals hit you harder than a semi truck filled with lead bricks, the riffs are very memorable, the drums are hard to keep up with being that the drummer uses all of the drum kit and keeps absolutely nothing simple, even during the slower parts.

Ectovoid put forth an ode to old school death metal, and are very reminiscent of Morbid Angel at times. I don’t like to name drop, but at a time like this I feel it necessary to do so. Dark Abstraction pummels the flesh just like cannibals would when they would skin you alive, make a drum out of you, and welcome the next sacrifice. Each song reveals something different. No two songs are alike, they don’t all run together, and they’re not forgetful at all. They’ll forcefully make you remember them by pounding your head with riff after riff like a sledgehammer until you go cold and limp in an unconscious stupor.

Coupled with the great musicianship, and the vocals that sound like they were just recorded in a grave, is the great production. The production of the album is tight, and clean making the old school feeling come back to death metal that has been missing for a while now. Ectovoid execute amazingly, and the production does them justice, making this album come to life even more than it already was.

Dark Abstraction leaves you feeling helpless and stranded before the slaughterer comes to decapitate you. It makes the room go dark, the air feel stagnant, and takes your breath from your lungs, and lays you down in a crypt whispering sweet tales of death and despair in your ear. Ectovoid takes you back to a different time, but puts their own twist on it making their own. The album is crushing and jars you until it rattles your bones. That is what I like to hear.


Vintage Warlords-The Invisible Foe EP

July 26, 2015

a2850166274_10 Debut albums can be tricky. They normally are lacking something, or they can be really impressive. Well, with this release by Vintage Warlords, it’s the latter. Hailing from the U.S. Vintage Warlords are a doom/death metal hybrid. The Invisible Foe EP was released in May of this year on Redefining Darkness Records, and much to my disappointment I am just discovering them right now. The first thing you notice of course is the striking art work for this EP and the black metal esque logo. What is inside of this EP resembles the artwork. It’s a crushing monster waiting to destroy everything in its path.

The three track EP begins with the song Exodus of Souls, and it’s a crushing intro of what is left to come. There is no holds barred on this album. Each song is riff fueled inspired by old school death metal, and new death metal alike. The drum kit I’m sure cried after the recording of this album, and the vocalist himself sounds like a force to be reckoned with. The Invisible Foe is a sonic onslaught of some of the heaviest metal.

Stitching two genres together takes guts, and a lot of effort. The duo of death metal and doom has been noticeable as of late. More bands are combining the two worlds trying to successfully marry the powerful metallic onslaught of death metal, and the crushing, rib cracking doom riffs and melodies. Vintage Warlord marry those two wonderfully creating something unique. They transition seamlessly between death metal and doom, that one minute you’re head banging at break neck speeds to the death metal parts, then you’re on you’re knees succumbing to the almighty doom riffage that is portrayed.

As you can tell, the musicianship is impressive to say the least, but that is just the tip of what is happening here on this debut EP. Throw the vocalist in the mix who conjures his vocals up from the blackest reaches of hell, you have something that caves any skull in. At the end of the EP, you really feel as though you’ve fought a behemoth. The Invisible Foe is smooth, powerful, delivers such a crippling blow you’ll be lucky to get up after this three track EP. The force that is the musicianship, coupled with smart, dark lyrics screamed at you with the powerful roar of the vocalist makes this album so fun to listen to. It’s fresh, and devastating. Listen at your own risk.

Death’s Final Breath-Demo

July 25, 2015

1743591_717641161647722_5471429668210992787_n Death’s Final Breath hails from Murrieta, California, they play deathcore in its purest form. They currently have a demo out on Soundcloud consisting of ten tracks for your ear holes. Being so new to the scene, Death’s Final Breath has some work to do to break through the muddied waters that is deathcore. With plenty of bands that aim for this particular style of chugging riffs, heavy bass drop breakdowns, and mid range to deep guttural vocals, what can a band do to set themselves apart from the rest?

What Death’s Final Breath does well from the intro is establish that there is a certain ambiance to their style of play. They incorporate keyboards very well creating a different kind of energy making the music not just break down oriented, and not just focusing on break down after break down is a good thing. While there are break downs here-of the heavy bass drop variety-it doesn’t take away from what they are trying to establish. And what they are trying to establish is that they can wade through the murky swamps of deathcore valley.

Escaping from deathcore valley is a chore all on its own. Above I asked what could separate one deathcore band from the rest. A lot of deathcore bands-I should say most-are now including some ambiance to their brand of music. I know I keep bringing ambiance up, but with the addition of keyboards now so prominent in deathcore, there needs to be something else to break away from the pack. Vocals? Perhaps. Death’s Final Breath provides some provocative vocals. Well placed break downs escaping from the break down first, content later stigma? Perhaps that as well. Death’s Final Breath doesn’t just focus on break downs first, but content, then break downs. In the song The Devil Almost Won and arguably their best song on the demo, they have some very well placed slower, melodic pieces kind of almost showcasing as a guitar solo of sorts.

Innovation is key in a genre like deathcore. Adding little things here and there can be the difference maker between blending in with the rest of deathcore valley, or stepping outside of the box and standing separate from the pack. With a little more time and honing of skills, Death’s Final Breath could escape from the crowded genre. Before I sign off, I really enjoyed the bonus tracks. I would encourage to keep doing that. Everyone likes bonus material. The last bonus track and my personal favorite, is Alone. It’s a great acoustic piece still including the break downs, and ambiance. Maybe that right there will be a difference maker. I say keep it up Death’s Final Breath, I will be looking forward to what you have to offer next.


July 24, 2015

a4235290376_10 I was in the mood for some hardcore/grind this morning and so I found myself purusing the hardcore/grind pages of Bandcamp and stumbled upon God Mother and their debut album Maktbehov. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I know I wasn’t completely expecting what I ended up finding.

The teal green cover and the band name God Mother with the inverted “T” caught my attention. And if that was the intention, then bravo because it grabbed a hold of me immediately. Four of the fourteen songs presented here, are written in Swedish; leaving it up to you whether you want to just listen, or if you’re of the curious type as I am try and translate it for yourself.

No matter what language this album is in, it has nothing to do with ferocity. The album is plenty ferocious, attacking you from all sides, making you weep like a little child. Maktbehov is a heavyweight debut, packing a punch even Mike Tyson would be proud of. It may even knock him out. Each crushing blow is delivered at sonic speed never letting you once recover from your stupor. It’s a sensory assault to say the least. Hyper grind powered riffs of the rib cracking variety are delivered, organ punishing drums jar your innards, skull caving bass bludgeon you until you just really cannot take anymore punishment. But the last piece to this hardcore/grind symphony, are the vocals.

You always here that words can hurt you, but I’m pretty positive that these words and vocals will carve you up like the Thanksgiving turkey that you are. They’re used almost as a weapon of their own. High pitched shrieks of eternal pain cut like a hot knife through butter. If you’re pro-humanity, I would recommend not listening to this album, being that the lyrics are generally anti-humanity. If you like moshing around like a crazy person in your home, and listening to some serious kick ass hardcore/grind, then this is for you.

God Mother put out an album that is for any metal fan. This album is something you should be picking up. Just head bang to this until your head detaches, I know it will.

WOES-Cold Soil

July 23, 2015

a1900928461_16 An always joyous past time of mine is browsing Bandcamp looking for something that catches my eye. I of course do this every day, and like every other day I just so happened to be on the Bandcamp site looking for something that would catch my eye. Well, something caught my eye. I didn’t read the name of the band or the title of the album, it was the cover art of course that caught my attention. Just looking at this made me wonder what was inside. A naked woman on a table surrounded by mysterious beings, blowing smoke in the shape of a ghost, just seconds away from being impaled by a sword. If all of that does not intrigue you, I honestly can’t tell you what will. After gazing upon the glorious cover art, I took a listen to what was inside.

The name of the band is WOES, and the title of the album is Cold Soil released just last month. These gents are from Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand of debauchery that these guys play is some blackened hardcore. I have come across recently a lot of different “blackened” prefixes to bands such as: blackened death, blackened doom, and it seems to be more and more relevant. Crossing genres is great. It spreads the fan base reaching more than just one scene, and it makes the band more diverse and apt to try to branch out and put out music that you may not have heard before.

Now, I haven’t heard of WOES until today, but I can tell you is that crossing hardcore and black metal really is working for these guys. The opener Woebegone begins with a dissonant guitar, working its way into a sonic wall of dizzying fury. Not only are the guitars furious, the drums are chaotic, the bass is a force to be reckoned with, and the vocals are larynx shredding. The last “instrument” if you will, are the lyrics. If you like depressive black metal, these are some depressing and angry lyrics. On the blistering-and shortest track-Wrongdoer the vocalist screams, “Tie the noose around my neck(Leave me hanging)/Leave me to the crows/I choose this path on my own(Leave me hanging)/So leave me to the crows.”

As dark as this album is, it’s also incredibly vicious. Vicious like a wild cannibal you haven’t fed for days and are keeping caged only teasing him with tender human flesh. These four tracks leave you feeling something. Unsettled, depressed, angry, cold, maybe a combination of everything, but it still makes you feel something. I’m happy I came across WOES, there’s something about them, there’s something about this album. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Razor Rape-Orgy In Guts

July 22, 2015

a0584719904_10When you first come upon the name Razor Rape, the first thing that should not pop in your head is sunshine, flowers and love. If that is the first thing you think of, then medical treatment is probably your best option. For regular listeners of this genre-or metal in general-you of course know what you’re getting yourself into. RazorRape has been around for a little bit now, and they are at the forefront of what they do. And what they do is produce some of the most sickening, vomit inducing gore grind possible alongside the likes of Regurgitate.

We’ll start with what everyone sees first, the cover. The cover displays a wonderfully tasteful scene with what looks like the Pope getting porked by a busty pork-woman hybrid. People are rolling in filth, playing with intestines reveling in the gore. RazorRape doesn’t fuck around. There is no shortage of gore, bile, excrement and just pure filth.

Starting with the opening track Bonesaw Facefuck, RazorRape sets out to destroy everything pure and holy. A festering swarm of riffs hits you square in the mouth, while the drums pummel your innards, the bass crushes your bones, and the vocals finally make your head implode, Scanners style. Whether you like gore or not, they force feed it to you, shoving it down your gullet, while feeding you to a wood chipper.

With song titles like Bitch Butcher Boogie and Hey Whore, Let’s Gore, how could you not like this blood drenched album? While a lot of grind sounds like just noise to anyone else listening to it, this album has a certain groove to it. They’re not just thrashing around on instruments trying to be as loud as possible, they’re constructing sickening songs for the masses. It takes some metal wizardry to keep songs at that blistering pace as well as have some groove to them all while keeping the songs at two minutes or just over.

There are a total of fifteen songs on here for every one of you gore fiends. The album is stuffed with viscera, marinated in excrement and cooked with yesterday’s left over carcass. What you see is exactly what you get. And now I’ll let you feast upon this banquet of sickness.

We are the Jazz metallers who say ni!

July 21, 2015

a1977969124_10 There are many different forms of noise. There is the noise that is your neighbor’s dog barking at four in the morning, or the noise that a child emits when they get a hold of pots and pans. Noise is often thought as something that is hard to stand, abrasive, not tolerable, but not all noise has to fall into that category at all. ni, the band hailing from France is noise, but in such a beautiful sense. Les insurges de Romilly is the brand new album by these guys, and man is it fun to listen to.

ni mix math metal, noise, jazz and probably some others that I’m failing to mention. Mixing such things together would be just as wonderfully delicious as mixing toad eyes, cat tails and whatever else that’s gross into one sickening potion. With ni, they have no toad eyes, tails or anything of the vomit inducing variety. Instead what is laid in front of us here is something that is truly eye popping, mind bending and ear pleasing. With everything that they mix together, they do it so well. It never sounds once like someone stuck genres in a blender and mixed them into one bleeding, writhing mass of nothingness.

ni complete a hat trick here fusing multiple things at once to bring Les insurges de Romilly to life. The spicy riffs, the jazz/horn sections, pin point drumming, the ever relentless bass leave you wondering if this wasn’t perhaps crafted in a secret heavy metal lab. The lead singer does not scream-or sing-very often, but he really doesn’t need to. The musicianship here is of great skill. The album sets ablaze with the opener Bouif, and never once does it lay off the throttle. With the exception of little bits here and there where there is a little dialogue, Les insurges de Romilly roars with jazzy metallic ferocity.

It’s not all just a symphony of noise though. The album does offer up some groove to go along with all of this madness. There is structure, believe me. Without it, it may just have ended up sounding like the inner workings of a mad man’s head that is hooked on LSD. With everything happening so fast on this album, you don’t have to worry since most of the songs are over the five minute mark or even over it. There is enough dizzying metal here to be had and enjoyed. So by all means, enjoy it.

Spiteful Urinator//Trepanation Split

July 20, 2015

a0323461636_16 Splits are always interesting. Bands on a split could and generally do complement each other, or they won’t. In the case of Spiteful Urinator and Trepanation they complement each other very well. Both are punk/hardcore acts with undertones of black metal. Both are incredibly ferocious, pack a punch, and won’t stop dropping nukes on you until the war is ten years past.

The split starts off with Spiteful Urinator, and they contribute seven tracks with a total of almost ten minutes. Ten minutes is not a long time for this kind of assault. It’s a blitzkrieg, they storm in, fuck you up, destroy your house and leave ten minutes later. The buzzing guitars, schizophrenic drumming, concrete shattering bass, and the hoarse black metal esque vocals make for a short but very entertaining side. With Spiteful Urinator being classified as possibly war metal as well, you don’t know whether to start a riot, or bomb a country, so I say why not both? Black metal and punk combined together is not all together new, but with a slightly different spin on it it’s a fresh breath of air. Spiteful Urinator do a hell of a job making you want to stick it to the man as well as sacrifice a goat.

The second side of the split features a band called Trepanation. They offer three songs to this split, but the songs also equal close to ten minutes. Both bands have a very similar style of play which is exactly what you want to hear on a split. Trepanation is more on the black metal side of things. The vocals are higher pitched on a gravely screeching spectrum, the guitars are just as buzz filled, the drums seem more tight, and the bass just as prominent. Where as Spiteful Urinator lean more toward a punk standard, Trepanation lean more toward the black metal side of things with hints of punk and hardcore. It’s a punishing three songs from start to finish, and I’d be afraid if I were a goat.

This split offers ten songs in total amassing just over nineteen minutes. That just makes for some head banging goodness if you ask me. Don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourselves.

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