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STARRATS-Chaos Calls

August 1, 2015

a1099600944_10 Hardcore is generally loud and abrasive, and there is no shortage of that here on Chaos Calls. Starrats hails from Canberra, Australia and I believe that their mission is to destroy your ears one track at a time.

Taking the band at face value would be unjust. The album art looks like it was drawn by a twelve year old, but it does have a certain creepy vibe to it. So do yourself a favor and don’t skip this over just because of that. Starrats is a highly functioning hate machine driven to destroy you. The album is a very short six song thirteen minute face melter.

The opener Dead End rips and tears through you as if you were caged in with a hungry lion; and as for the rest of the five songs they are very much the same. There are spaces in between songs to try and catch your breath before you get steamrolled into the pavement again, but the spaces are very small and you end up getting steamrolled anyway.

Not only are they good at pile-driving your face into the ground, but they do a good job of making the songs memorable as well. As abrasive and chaotic as hardcore can be/is, it is hard to find that line of memorable as well as caustic. The riffs are nice and spastic as well as controlled when they need to be, the drums are hyper and deranged, and the vocals are a mix of screaming as well as clean singing. The clean singing vocals are not often so don’t get your panties in a twist. They are there however, and they compliment the screams very well balancing the songs out. On top of the vocals, and the drums as well as the bass being a key factor to making this album worthy of gracing your ears, the hardcore is mixed in with death metal stylings every so often. On the opener and the song titled Guilt, there is some death metal riff chuggery going on there.

As short as this album is it sure does pack a punch. It makes you want to dismantle your house board by board and thrash about like a mad man. I say Starrats is worthy of a listen, so I encourage you to get to it.

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