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Altareth-Bury Your Mind in Moss

August 3, 2015

a0234711433_10 New comers to the game, Altareth have released one demo last year and this album Bury Your Mind in Moss only recently. Altareth are from Sweden and play stoner rock paying tribute to the bands of old that came before them.

Altareth are very riff driven. So riff driven in fact, that if a spaceship ran off of riffs, we’d get to the moon. Being driven by riffs is never a bad thing of course. The riffs you find here are memorable and groovy just as you would like them to be. The old school throw back riffs are what keep your head nodding and what keep your ears on enjoying the music.

Riffs are just part of the stoner pie as you need the rest of the instruments as well as the vocals to be cohesive to create something that people will want to listen to over and over again. Altareth have the old school Sabbath vibe down. The instruments mix together making for a psychedelic trip you weren’t ready to take. Bury Your Mind in Moss is heavy without having to blast beat everything to death or by having Earth moving gutturals. Bury Your Mind in Moss just simply is.

One draw back that I did notice-and mind you it may just be me-is the fact that the vocals-especially in the opener Circles-seem to get buried among the sonic wall that is the guitars and percussion. Circles was the song that this stood out most in as the rest of the songs did not really seem to have that problem. While it may just be me, the vocals really are quite nice and work well with the old school stoner rock atmosphere that is created with Bury Your Mind in Moss.

Altareth give you four songs to nod your head to, soak in the groove, and listen to some savory guitar solos. The fourth and final song titled Epicloge, begins with a nice acoustic piece never straying from that but morphing into a heavier rock bit. At the end of the song, it morphs into a trippy cacophony of synths and noise, which is a pretty fitting way to end a stoner rock album.

While Altareth are at the beginning of their journey and have much more to offer, this is a solid statement in which they make and let everyone know that stoner rock is still here and here to stay.

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