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As Flesh Decays-Sinister EP

August 4, 2015

a0158686716_10 Australia much like most of the world like their metal and like it heavy. It has become a breeding ground for new bands almost every day. Australians are hard people to keep up with when it comes to music, especially of the heavy variety. As Flesh Decays is of course from Australia, and yes they do play some heavy metal in the vein of death metal. Sinister is their new EP released that was released in June.

As Flesh Decays is a pretty straight forward death metal band, nothing entirely innovative, but still good at what they do. There are no frills, or over production on here, all just straight up baseball bat to the face death metal.

Sinister starts with The Calm Before the Storm letting you know of course that that is the only “calm” moment in the EP. After the intro the song dives right into Elite Hunting, and the other two hard hitting tracks. The death metal riff chuggery is there as well as a couple of well placed guitar solos to break up the riff savagery.

The vocals are well paced and don’t feel rushed on this EP and they are not too guttural so the lyrics are not inaudible. The drums have every moment to shine on Sinister as well, making the double bass prominent but not completely over powering. The bass is heard, but not too over bearing where it would take the songs over, and the vocals of course are the center point of the album. They are well executed throughout the album and the lyrics are accentuated by the growls because the lyrics are audible.

As Flesh Decays depicts a bloody slasher movie scene on Sinister which is fitting because they provide a sample from the slasher/horror movie The Purge on the ending track aptly titled The Purge. Sinister offers plenty of blood splatter and straight forward death metal that any death metal fan would like. While these guys are just getting started, Sinister is a great jumping off point to progress and build on top of.

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