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Moros-Life Assisted Suicide

August 4, 2015

a0639196544_10 A new detrimental to your psyche and ear shredding act from Philadelphia is Moros. Life Assisted Suicide is the brand new just released album from these genre benders. Doom, sludge, death metal seems to be where these fine gents lie, but you can’t necessarily pigeonhole them into one single category and if you did it would be a shame. The sound that emits from your speakers while listening to Moros is nihilistic, dark, and pissed off. I’m positive that Moros has figured out exactly what nightmares are made of, and compiled them into a five track album to torture people with. But never you mind, because the torture is a good torture, one that you want, and one that you’ll take willingly. Let the nightmares flow and consume you as you press play.

Each song starts off with some ear piercing reverberation from the guitars. The reverberation eventually melts into something entirely chaotic. As I mentioned above Life Assisted Suicide is nihilistic. The style of music they play which is sludge filled doom with shreds of death metal fit in to the nihilism of course.

The fuzzed out stomping guitars kick you in the gut and beat you while you are down. They are slow and ominous for most of the songs only to then break into a mid tempo death metal romp. The riffs are sharp and dirty making everything tremble and shake that is within a two mile radius.

The rest of the instruments are equally as crushing as the guitars making most buildings collapse in their wake. The most hair raising part of the songs-and the album-are the blood curdling, larynx shredding vocals that the singer emits. They are completely unnatural and hellish but grab your attention and force you to pay attention.

The slow roll of the thunderous music equals that of thunder clapping in the distance. As a whole, Life Assisted Suicide is the soundtrack to every nightmare ever conceived. It is a great listen and very worthy of many repeat listens.


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