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Ape Cave-Primordium

August 5, 2015

a1123219870_10 Before I begin this review, I just have to say, what the fuck Oregon? So much good music coming out of that state I cannot keep up at all. With that being said, Ape Cave is another excellent band from Portland,Oregon. Their style of play is some murky, psychedelic, sludge mixed with doom. Primordium is a three track eighteen minute long journey you spend running wild with the apes.

From the get go, Primordium hooks you in with the deep bass, fuzzy guitars, formidable drumming, and the raspy vocals. The hook gets planted deep in your cheek well before you know what hits you. All three songs are heavy, hard hitting and a fresh breath of air. Ape Cave could have just played the traditional sludge/doom material, but instead they took a road less traveled and decided to stray from the pack. Their fellow apes would be proud.

What strikes you from the beginning really, are the drums. I don’t believe the drummer is human but instead an octopus. The drums remind me of the style in which Mastodon plays. They’re tumultuous yet on point. The whole kit is used other than just using the bare minimum. The drums are silky smooth and you could probably listen to just a drum solo all day they are that infectious.

The guitars don’t disappoint either of course. The riffs are fuzzy and dirty hitting you square in the jaw. The guitar solos are sultry and electrifying and very well timed. They shift seamlessly between the faster sludge riffage, and the slower down trodden doom riffs making for a poisonous cocktail of guitar wizardry.

Saying that music takes someone on a journey is used all too often I believe, but Primordium really takes your mind elsewhere. It takes your worries crushes them in the palm of your hand, and makes your mind float along in the atmosphere carelessly. The songs are head bangers for sure, but the psychedelic aspect is also a part of what makes this album tick. The psychedelia is what makes your mind wander and float while still snapping your neck head banging. From the album art to the music everything fits together very well. The three songs melt together and make one cohesive piece of art instead of being three separate parts.

Ape Cave is groovy, heavy, and melodic at the same time without confusing any of the three elements or trying too hard to fuse them together. Primordium is a great debut. I can talk about it forever, but I’ll let you guys listen for yourselves.

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