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Obese-Kali Yuga

August 5, 2015

a1936203952_10 Obese is certainly an interesting name for a band; one that you would think belongs to a gore grind band or another band of that nature. Instead Obese plays some sludge, and maybe the name refers to the obese riffs that are ladled out on Kali Yuga.

For these Dutch riff wizards, Kali Yuga is their second offering. Obese serves up nine heavy, riff fueled tracks for your delight. After the nine tracks you don’t really want it to stop however, so you feel inclined to keep pressing play over and over again.

Kali Yuga is propelled by the heavy, fuzzy sludge and even bluesy riffs. They bob and weave their way through the album, dancing around your head making for an unforgettable experience. A sonic wall of bluesy sludge filled noise emits from your speakers that is heavy and thick enough to blow out your speakers. Just the riffs alone blow the speakers out, but the sultry seductive guitar solos draw you in even more to the album as well as taking it to even higher levels of wizardry.

The guitars are enchanting there is no doubt about that, and once you are in a trance and sucked into the album there is a lot more to explore. It’s almost as if you are Alice and you are the one in Sludge Wonderland. After the enticing guitars, the vocals are gravely and powerful. That much gravel in the voice is vocal chord bursting but makes for one hell of demolishing force.

Obese is incredibly groovy that lay down fat songs for you to munch on. These songs according to the USDA are probably not very healthy for you, but I say fuck that. Kali Yuga is healthy for you. You get your daily dose of groove, stoner rock, murky sludge, gravely vocals, and meaty guitar riffs and so much more. Obese is good for you, force feeding you your helpings of sludge until you explode, so eat up.

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