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Genocide Pact: Forged Through Domination

August 8, 2015

a4138795855_10 Hailing from Washington D.C. is Genocide Pact. They could be pissed off about the politics there, and they probably are, but it seems to me that they are too busy writing some outstanding death metal. Forged Through Domination is the seven track album from Genocide Pact, and it is a ripper of an album.

Released at the very end of July, Forged Through Domination is reminiscent at times of old school death metal. They play mid to fast tempo death metal with devastating riffs, skull caving bass, demolishing drums and completely odious vocals.

Forged Through Domination is a bully of an album. It is that kid that picks on you  relentlessly and punches you in the fucking jaw until it breaks. There are no glass jaws aloud listening to this album. Everything does hit hard, and hits hard to of course inflict pain. Genocide Pact hit as hard as Mohammad Ali hit Joe Frazier, and still maintain a certain level of groove and melody making for a great release. You want to get hit in the chops, but still enjoy a ferocious assault.

The ferocious assault comes from-as I stated above-the biting guitars and the mid to fast paced riffs. They get your head nodding accordingly to the songs as well as playing the air guitar at the same time. They pack a punch, never staying stagnant or never being over used in any song. The riffs vary between songs, and they vary within the same song never staying the same and keeping fresh as well as keeping you on the floor thrashing about like a loon.

The musicianship throughout the album keeps you in that loon state. The drums thrash against your skull, the bass is its own demolition crew, and the vocals sound like rolling thunder. Forged Through Domination is a meat grinder and when you click “play” you throw your fleshy, soft, horrid body directly into it. You come out looking like a pulverized steak, but it is worth it after all.

The amount of groove in Forged Through Domination would make hippies question the very definition of the word. Genocide Pact play blisteringly fast without compromising their sound or confusing themselves with any tech death, but they also play a mid tempo style of death metal that is reminiscent of old school death metal. The two are fused together seamlessly making for a head bangers delight. Throw yourself in the pit of destruction and revel in the death metal goodness that is Genocide Pact.

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