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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

…From the Deep: The Absurd Horror

August 10, 2015

a1416206942_10 Do me a favor if you will. Think about the last album you heard something that was truly unique in the sense that it is something that is completely foreign to you, something that you have not yet heard, or just don’t fully understand. Well if you couldn’t come up with an immediate answer, I think I have the answer for you. From Ottawa, Ontario is …From the Deep and this is their EP The Absurd Horror, and how absurd it is, but in the most endearing way possible.

There are a lot of bands that do things well that you’ve heard before, and even less bands that you hear-or hear about-that do things their own way and trailblaze a new path. The trailblazing isn’t just your normal trailblazing either, it is the “I’m setting this forest on fire to create my own path” trailblazing mentality that set some bands apart from others. For …From the Deep the setting a forest on fire to create their own path is true. The Absurd Horror seems to me as if it is an ode to all things heavy. Not just one genre or one band, but to everything that heaviness stands for.

…From the Deep are a blend of black metal and death metal never staying completely true to one or the other, but instead seamlessly transition between the two. Not everything is as it seems here on this disc, and if that is what …From the Deep was going for, then bravo because that was accomplished effortlessly. On The Absurd Horror beautiful intros last up to a minute and maybe beyond making you think that it is a majestic album that is about to grace your ears with sweet melodies while whispering sweet yet horrific nothings into your ears. Well, it is majestic in a very abrasive, ear ravaging way. The Absurd Horror writhes, jumps, lurches, and attacks you from all sides.

The entire EP is tumultuous picking you up on the melodic pieces just to drop you on your fragile melon during the metallic onslaughts. …From the Deep’s ability to mix and mash genres together while never getting confused about their true identity is a feat all in its own. The odd time signatures, tempo changes and the complete hyperactivity of the EP catch you off guard more than you’re willing to admit.

The stop and switch between black metal to death metal to sometimes grind ability that …From the Deep possess transcends what typical human beings can normally accomplish. The warp speed black metal tremolo picking to the more down tuned death metal chugging riffs, to the skull pounding bass and the ever blasting drums make The Absurd Horror a sickeningly addictive EP to listen to. Not to mention the vocalist may have to have vocal chord reconstructive surgery after a very versatile performance from switching to ear piercing shrieks to gutturals as well as some other vocal tricks he uses to his disposal.

The song writing on The Absurd Horror is fascinating. The songs and the lyrics tell sickening tales, but intriguing tales none the less. Over the four songs presented here before you, you hear everything from black metal, death metal, and grind, to impressive melodic moments that shift into a pummeling onslaught shredding your reality. Overall, The Absurd Horror is a great, intelligent listen, and entirely destructive and demands your attention and respect.

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