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Trenchgrinder: Demo 2015

August 10, 2015

a3792716851_10 I am certainly late to the game being that Trenchgrinder’s Demo 2015 came out in January, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a review still. Trenchgrinder is from Brooklyn, New York and play a most abrasive style of metal. Death metal with a twist is probably the best way to describe it so no pigeonholing happens. And I don’t mean twist as in the M. Night Shyamalan kind, I simply mean that death metal isn’t the only facet of the demo.

The demo is three tracks long, but within those three tracks plenty of fury and aggression is packed within. The tracks whip you around like a tornado only to toss you out of said tornado into another tornado as soon as you press play again when the demo finishes.

Trenchgrinder storm the inner workings of your mind like a battalion hell bent on destroying everything in their path. Beginning the demo with Lay the Earth to Rest, Trenchgrinder quickly establish that they are here to assault your ears in the best way possible. Without any breathing room between songs to recuperate from the previous blasting punishment dealt to your skull, the demo moves swiftly and cuts like a bayonet through soft flesh.

The frantic dizzying style of play hints toward a grind approach but still keeping true to the death metal format which is: blast now ask questions later. That being said it isn’t all just blast beats. The blast comes from everywhere in the demo not just the drums, and I mean blast as in someone set off dynamite under your seat kind of blast. The riffs are of the calculated chaos kind that throw in some guitar solos to break up the riff onslaught. The drums are turbulent making the most out of the entire kit beating it to a pulp. The vocals are interesting, falling somewhere between death metal and a higher pitched growl heard in black metal. The vocals complement the music very well giving it even more fury to trudge ahead  and lay waste humankind, also while sounding like the vocalist is drinking the blood of his enemies.

While it is a demo and not a full length, Trenchgrinder make it feel like it is a full length packing everything into a three track disc. There is a lot of concentrated energy here focused on three pulverizing tracks. There are no intros, no fluff, no filler, just a straight shot of pure metal.

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