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Cruel Fate: Self Titled

August 11, 2015

a2934544594_10 Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario is Cruel Fate and this is their debut self titled disc. Cruel Fate is three songs long, and through the three songs they pay homage to old school death metal.

Though the songs are not long, Cruel Fate show their old school death metal chops in the allotted time. The old school death metal path  is of course tried and true, done by so many bands new and old of course. Cruel Fate take the tried and true approach and instead of phoning it in and making their music sound entirely like their predecessors, they take the approach and make it their own.

The song writing is much the same as the forefathers; shocking, grotesque, the fuzzed out guitars, the cracking bass, the straight forward pounding of the drums. All of these aspects make up a good ode to the old school way.

Since it is old school death metal, nothing is overly technical hence the fact that it is not called technical death metal. But playing in the old school vein there is no need to be overly technical, but there is a need to be on point when playing such music to keep the old school death metal banner waving. Cruel Fate are on point with the forefathers of the genre as far as the ability to keep it sounding like it was recorded next to a mummified body in a crypt.

The guitars sound dusty and fuzzed out, the drums are ever pounding, and the bass is crackly making for the sound that you are looking for in the old school strain. The bass is a prominent key for Cruel Fate as you can hear it clearly in every song providing that solid back bone. The riffs are not-as I stated above-overly technical and they don’t need to be. The ground and pound riffs give way to slower more doomier riffs at certain points, only to be resuscitated and have the ground and pound riffs take over once more. The growls and howls of the lead growler sound like an evil being stalking the crypts at night waiting for its next victim. The vocals kind of bring back that nostalgic feel as well and wrap the songs up nicely in a putrid bow.

Through the three songs, Cruel Fate do a nice job of keeping the old school death metal path riddled with bodies and the old school alive. You don’t always need an overly technical album to scratch that death metal itch. Sometimes you need the old withered hand of old school death metal to do it for you.

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