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Featured Interview with Cole Martinez of Gorepunch/ Review of debut Give ‘Em Hell

August 11, 2015

Earlier today former Aborted and System Divide guitarist as well as the founder of the new band Gorepunch Cole Martinez was kind enough to answer a couple of questions I had for him. Below you will find the interview with Cole as well as the review for their new album Give ‘Em Hell out on August 25th on Seeing Red Records. Enjoy you heathens!

Hails Cole! How’re you?

Great, How are you man? Nice to meet you.

I’m doing pretty well myself. It’s nice to meet you as well. Thank you for taking some time to do this interview!

Oh yeah of course! Anytime, this should be pretty cool.

Awesome! Let me start off here by asking how Gorepunch came to be. What is the origin of Gorepunch?

The origin of Gorepunch started somewhat as an idea of making a comic book, and being funny like the old horror movies etc. I had a lot of material written from when I was in aborted and system divide. I contacted my good friend Matt about the idea and said “Do you want to get together and scream on some stuff and see where it goes?” He said yes and said he loved the idea of the zombie apocalypse comic book idea.

It’s a brilliant idea, and the album turned out amazing. How was recording this album different from recording with Aborted and System Divide?

Thank you. I wanted to stay true to the death metal grind vibe. The recording of this was almost similar. For Aborted and System Divide; since half of us were spread between NY and Israel it took a little more planning. With this stuff I sent the demos to Mike Heller who told me Yes i can play drums to that, That riff sucks, and so on haha. He tracked the drums and sent them back to me. I tracked majority of the guitars, sent mp3 bounces to Wilson, he shredded, Ogre slammed out the bass in a few hours, and Matt screamed his ass off over a course of a few weeks. A different process than everyone getting together and just banging it out. It was a no rush, we will get it finished the way it suppose to be. It was a year in the making.

Going back to the comic book idea. Comic books are a little more free when it comes to telling stories, unlike tradtional story telling. Did the idea of creating something that was along the lines of a comic book give you more freedom when writing these songs?

Yeah I think it did. Matt and I threw a ton of ideas out there and just ran with it to make a concept CD in a sense. But wanted to tie each release together to tell the story. Our original plan was to have a comic book included with this album for like the first installment, but we didn’t get that far into it yet. Still revising the story and put it on the back burner to finish the album. I am sure we will revisit it and maybe have something for the next release and it will be just as wild with the stories to tell. Haha.

That is really cool, I’ll be looking forward to a comic from Gorepunch! When recording an album, is there a certain criteria that it has to meet before you say, “Okay this is where I want this to be”?

Yes, no dumb riffs haha. No really… As all musicians and artists were our own worst critics. I will rewrite songs and riffs forever if I could. A lot of times if it slams, and makes your hand hurt playing it, you are on the right track! Haha. 

Haha well you guys certainly nailed the album. Can you tell me who some of your influences are for writing music. Other musicians, writers, artists etc.

Ha Thanks again. Yeah we all have a wide range of influences and musical backgrounds. Bands like Carcass, At the gates, Entombed, Napalm Death, Testament. I don’t want to name drop too many sick bands ha. Other musicians too, Dirk from Soilwork/Acarve is a killer drummer. Been listening to a lot of Rotten Sound as of late, fucking Kai Hahto is a beast of a player.

He really is, the guy is incredible. For the other bands, they’re on my daily playlist haha. All of you have been around the block so to speak with releasing albums, and touring and the like, but how exciting is it for your idea to come to life and for you to be seeing the debut album released in a couple of weeks?

Ha Awesome that’s cool. I forgot to throw in I’ve been listening to a lot of Grave too. Oh this is super fucking exciting I haven’t released anything Since 2011 with my one hardcore band. My daughter was born in 2012 and I just took a huge break from everything music and just really took my time with getting this project together being a family guy with a 6 month old son now too. So to have this record being released especially on my great friend Tommy’s label is incredible, he’s really doing a lot for us.

Congratulations for your daughter and son, that is awesome! Do they listen to Carcass, At the Gates etc. with you? You know starting them early on some metal! Haha.

Ha Sadly my daughter says my music is yucky and scary. She likes everything pop with a girl singer. Ha maybe she would like lacuna coil lol. My son gets really excited when he hears pop punk bands so we will see… I will make them like Carcass!! lol

Haha that is too funny. Carcass is a staple of every household! As far as keeping the metal alive and well, that means touring and releasing other albums. I know it is early as the debut has not come out quite yet, but are there plans for other releases and perhaps some touring?

Yeah, I think were all going to wait and see what happens. There will definitely be more releases, I want to do a few splits with some bands as well. As far as touring goes, it’s a little difficult for us. But if we get a few good offers we might consider going out and testing the waters. I would love to play some festivals and see how the crowds would be for this shit live.

I’m sure they’d go ape for you guys! The pit would be massive! I have a couple of standard questions for you. The first is, what is your most coveted band shirt?

You know, I’ve always wanted a general surgery shirt. I don’t know why I don’t have one haha.

Haha I truthfully don’t have one either, and it needs to be in my collection as well. The second is: growing up, what was your favorite album?

Prior to becoming a metalhead ha.. I was a huge grunge fan, Nirvana mostly. In Utero is a masterpiece.

That’s awesome. It really is still an album that holds true today and sounds great. Last standard question I have is: if you were able to work with any one artist alive, or deceased, who would it be?

OOhh good question.. Well Alive it would have to be; I’d love to do a grind album with Barney Greenway from ND. And I would have to say Freddy Mercury mostly because that dude’s vocals were top notch, would have loved to see how he worked in the studio.

Those collaborations would be golden! Cole, I have one last question for you. Is there anything you would like to say as far as news goes, or anything to your fans etc?

As of right now I am just looking for everyone to get their hands on the release and see what kind of feedback we get, and if they say we suck or not haha. But pretty much keep it brutal and until the next release or a live show!

Cole, it has been an honor being able to interview you, and thank you again for taking the time for this interview. Until next time Keep it Metal! /,,/


PromoImage As you have read above, Gorepunch is a new band from mastermind Cole Martinez, formerly of Aborted and System Divide. The concept behind Give ‘Em Hell is that it is a comic book about horror, gore and of course zombies. The album rips and tears at your flesh like it is a zombie and is incredibly relentless in its efforts to eradicate you from existence.

As I mentioned above the concept is that of a comic book, so the songs are connected telling a story of unforeseen horrors and blasphemy. The eight songs on Give ‘Em Hell give you plenty of hell and plenty to shake and shudder about in the corner all by your lonesome.

Give ‘Em Hell begins with the intro also titled Give ‘Em Hell, and it is a prelude to your demise. Quickly you realize that you are in for more than you can handle. The zombies close in on you rapidly before you can find a safe house, and again the realization that this is the soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse sets in.

After the intro there is no fluff at all, just gore soaked goodness that makes you feel like you’ve taken a bath in human giblets and putrescent blood. The eight tracks make you feel exhausted and worn out as they attack your cranium with incredible swiftness and pace. As one song fades out, the next begins just as quick never for a second giving you time to breath, only to be suffocated by gore and excrement.

The evisceration begins with the sonic crisp riffs that rip and tear at your soft flesh. The next horde that storms in are the ever pounding drums that smash your cranium in with a brick until the sweet red fluid pours out of your head exposing your brain. The third wave is the obese bass that crushes your limbs making you immobile to the carnage that you are about to be a part of. The final horde is the vocals. The vocals are a higher pitched screech that descend into a low monstrous growl. While the monstrous growls don’t appear as much as the screeches do, the vocals match exactly what is trying to be portrayed here. The musicianship is on point and deadly making you feel as though you have been made into pulled human sandwiches by starving zombies.

The music coupled with the comic book concept are married expertly. With the horrific lyrics and the knack for telling a good horror story as well as the pin point accuracy of the musicianship makes for one fuck of a deadly combination. You become immersed in the story surrounded by ravenous creatures out for blood and sweet flesh, and at the same time you cannot help but to go crazy and head bang until your neck snaps. Give ‘Em Hell is technical, heavy and will butcher you if you stand in its way. Give yourself to the zombies. Give ‘Em Hell is out August 25th on Seeing Red Records. You won’t have a better time than this while being eaten alive.

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