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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Grond: Cosmic Devonian EP

August 13, 2015

a0257529473_10 Grond hails from Moscow,Russia and they play some old school death metal. Cosmic Devonian is their EP just released at the end of June. The EP sports four tracks, three original and one cover of a Possessed song titled Fallen Angel. Before you listen to this EP one requirement that you have to meet is that you have to hail Cthulhu. If you don’t, well lets just say unspeakable things will happen to you.

Over the four songs-three really-you get a sense that the band is just pure evil. Evil emits from the speakers and washes over you and flows into your hears infecting your mind. The old school death metal vibe is strong with Grond. They’ve read the book of the old school forefathers, taking hints from them and making a sound all their own, and taking their lyrical approach in a different direction as well. A lot of metal acts take ques from Lovecraft and Cthulhu of course, yet Grond take a different approach to it and make it fresh.

Cosmic Devonian is only an EP and if it were anything more, it would destroy your city. The blackness and darkness that it exudes is blacker than a lot of black metal. Maybe they should take hints from Grond. The sound is that of old school of course, but it has something else to it. It has a certain stench of putrid darkness to it as well.

The reason that so much evil and darkness exude from this EP is from the musicianship and just the content of the music. Grond stomp around on the same path that the fathers of death metal did, but they make their own path through the over grown trees and brush by summoning a dragon to do their biding.

There are only three original songs, so not a lot of content to go off of, but I can say that the musicianship is on point. The riffs are dusty and old school just like they’ve just been dug up from the crypt, but they are face rippers. And dusty and old is a good thing. Dusty just means that the old school vibe is there with the fuzzy down tuned guitars. The bass is loud and cracks like a whip and the drums kick and barrel their way through your skull. Of course vocals are important too, and yes there are vocals, and they are vocals that Cthulhu himself would be proud of. They are vocals that a lion would run from. They are monstrous roars that sound like they are coming from a lurking evil in the depths of Marianas Trench.

In the seventeen minutes that this album runs, you get the feeling that there is a pitch black tsunami of hate rolling your way. Grond does a good job of feeling evil, like you’re listening to something taboo. They also do great cover of the Possessed song Fallen Angel. So all in all this EP is a great listening experience. So by all means, summon Cthulhu and jam out to this EP.

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