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Prime Mover: When Dreams of Death are Euphoric

August 13, 2015

a3405001296_10  Prime Mover is from Atlanta,Georgia, and this is their second offering titled When Dreams of Death are Euphoric. Prime Mover plays a unique brand of black metal fused with death and even sludge at certain points. Never sticking to just one script, Prime Mover bounces around from genre to genre during the course of the album like a kid who has A.D.D and is hooked on crack.

Now kids, crack is never good for you (unless you get it for free) but Prime Mover is good for you. As I mentioned above Prime Mover does mix genres, but it never seems to work against them. Instead of the different styles of play working against each other, they work as a cohesive unit moving toward the same goal. The cohesion comes from an obvious understanding of what style of play does what and how to play off of different genres and use their strengths together to create this specific type of music.

When Dreams of Death are Euphoric sports six songs that range from the three to seven minute mark. Within those songs you get a whole feast of riffs and vocals as well as some melodic bits that break the songs up nicely, only to give way to the furious riffing once again. The songs are dark and crash over you like dark waves of attrition, and yet the sludge comes in to play with the obese bass as well as the wandering melodic sections of the songs.

Prime Mover mix and mash riffs together seamlessly. The hyper black metal riffs give way to sludge like riffs and back again while throwing in some death metal meanwhile. The heavy variety of riffs allows the rest of the instruments to take shape as well. The drums have more of a death metal feel to them as they are more blasting and focused than that of black metal drumming is, yet they are also that of the sludge variety being equally focused yet more tumultuous. The bass is not confined either and is let loose to cause destruction. It is audible and very enjoyable to hear the thickness and heaviness, providing the songs with some more back bone and depth.

Speaking of variety and diversity, the vocals are taken at an interesting approach. They range from the typical screech of black metal, down to a death metal growl, and even into a more gravely kind of shout. The vocalist does a good job as well of mixing the different styles going through his progression in each song, but sticking with a specific vocal style when the music calls for it.

Overall, When Dreams of Death are Euphoric is a solid album. It’s a head banger for sure, it rips and tears with intensity but also knows how to slow it down and keep it melodic as well. The struggle with mixing a lot of different genres together is that a band can confuse who they really are, but Prime Mover seem to know exactly who they are and what kind of music they want to play.

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