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Album Round Up 1

August 14, 2015

Today I am going to try something a little different. Instead of just one album review, I will provide numerous albums that I have found with a brief synopsis of each album. I hope this list provides useful on your heavy metal endeavors!


a2379792981_10 We’ll start today’s compilation off with a band from Sweden called Pissboiler. This is their demo just released on the 12th of this month. Pissboiler sport three songs on this demo, each of them a pretty sizable length of time with the shortest being close to six minutes. Since the songs are long, they need to keep your interest instead of skipping it half way through. Pissboiler does a good job of taking the long songs and making them interesting enough for you to want to listen to them for the entire length of time. Pissboiler is evil in its purest form, emitting the blackest darkness you can imagine. The guitars are dissonant and driving and the vocals sound like they come from an ancient evil. Through and through Pissboiler is dark and demonic. Listen at your own discretion.


a0028413858_10 The second band is a band from Austin, Texas, and they are called Expander. Their new album Laws of Power was released in mid July. With Expander it wouldn’t be exactly fair to pigeonhole them in one specific genre. Instead they throw several into a blender and puree the shit out of it until, well this came out. Laws of Power is six songs long that are loud, abrasive and in your face for the entire run time never letting up once. If you really want to label it I guess you could say it’s something around the lines of blackened grind. In short, the album shreds for six songs long. The album is short with run times being around two minutes or just above, but at the end of it all you feel your hand gravitating toward the play button again.


a2611628703_10 Serpentspire is some good o’l tech death from Spokane,Washington. The Cosmic Throne was put out at the beginning of July. The Cosmic Throne rips and tears and contorts its way through five songs. They are as pin point accurate as you would like them to be. Not exactly on the same level as say Archspire (because honestly Archspire probably aren’t humans) but Serpentspire is certainly technical. The blast beats are definitely prominent and pummel your ear drums into oblivion. The riffs are tight and sonic, and the vocals are of the mid range variety. If they were guttural at all it would ruin the whole disc, but since they aren’t and they do exactly what the music needs them to do, everything fits together well.


a3231614708_10 The last of this very first installment of the Album Round Up is Dead Channels. They are by no means last, just the last band of this installment. Dead Channels plays a groovier type of hardcore. The riffs aren’t all just mashed together creating just a sonic wall of madness. That’s what the rest of the instruments are for. These eleven songs on Phantom Pain are a sonic wall of madness, but orchestrated so that it is all cohesive. None of the songs sound alike, but they are all very explosive. They shoot out of the gate like they just got launched from a cannon. The lead singer probably needs a new throat after all of the larynx shredding screaming he does, but that doesn’t stop them from making your ears pay the price of clicking on the play button.


Be sure to check all of these bands out, as they are all very talented and the music is great as well! I hope you found this useful, as there will be more!

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