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Scab: What A Disappointment

August 15, 2015

a2510640032_10 What A Disappointment is Scab’s fifteenth release so far. That’s pretty astounding all on its own. At this rate Scab will probably have 100+ in the next five years or so. The sheer number of releases aside, Scab hails from Pennsylvania and play some good o’l grind. The ten songs that are on this album fly by in the blink of an eye, but that’s okay because it is just pure, hyper active grind.

What A Disappointment is anything but a disappointment. As short as it is, it rips and tears and kicks your ribs in with steel toed boots. After hearing the cracking of the ribs, they aim a bat at your head and swing as hard as they can leaving the Scab logo imprinted on your skull for the rest of your life. The song titles themselves are silly but attention grabbing. When you see a song titled “Tick on Your Dick” you generally think “Wow this music is probably pretty awful.” And if you thought that if you’ve seen this album then shame on you. Even though the song titles may be tongue in cheek, the music is pure aggression and adrenaline packed into a short run time.

With all of that aggression and adrenaline Scab is a grind time bomb waiting to explode and explode they do. From “Deafecation” What A Disappointment rolls on like a boulder that was pushed down hill toward a small village. The songs are of typical grind fashion yet some death metal influence leaks in of course. On the second song “Nails For Breakfast” the vocals are reminiscent of old school death metal. They’re not guttural, they’re not shrieks, they’re gravely and powerful. With the old school death metal vocals appearing occasionally, the deeper gutturals appear as well. They are entirely inaudible like most gutturals, but they are well placed and never over used.

The most prominent fixture in each of the songs is the bass however. The bass is thick, and rattles around in your skull. The fact that it is a main fixture is great because it’s not as heard anymore. It’s like the Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken and he keeps saying “It needs more cow bell.” It’s the same thing here, but with Scab there is always enough bass. It’s there and never leaving. Coupled with the cracking bass are the blistering grind/death metal riffs. They’re not over technical and there is zero reason for the riffs to be, but they do pack a punch and drive the point home that the album is hyper and unafraid to just throw riff after riff after riff at you. The next piece of the puzzle are the drums that are spastic and will get you air drumming along even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Scab is tumultuous, it is adrenaline pumping, head banging goodness. There is nothing over complicated here, nothing to muddy up what their album is meant to be about. It is a grind and death metal album. There is no need for synths, that is what doom or black metal is for. What A Disappointment is no holds barred, and is a straight shot of grind straight to your main artery. Overall, Scab is a fun, entertaining band to listen to. With the silly song titles aside the music is pure and well worth a listen.

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