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Tyrant’s Kall: Gla’aki

August 16, 2015

a2744277281_10 There are some bands that you can’t really put into one single genre, and Tyrant’s Kall happens to be one of those bands. Instead of pigeonholing them in on category I will say this instead. Tyrant’s Kall are some parts doom, some parts death metal, and some parts thrash but all parts Lovecraftian horror. Gla’aki is the second album from Tyrant’s Kall and will be put out through the Witches Brew label.

Gla’aki weaves the tales of Lovecraft into a genre of music that cannot be categorized very easily. Because of the menagerie of genres that are displayed on this release, the music turns out to be quite enchanting. It is quite different from other releases because on some songs you get the death, doom, and thrash all in one, and on others you get one or the other.

Even though they switch the music up very flawlessly and seamlessly, doom seems to be the main focal point of the album. However the doom parts never seem to stay long when the other genres are mixed in. Transitioning between the slow roll of doom and the more chaotic death/thrash gives the album a good balance of both. One minute you will be nodding your head to the droning doom riffs and the next you’ll be completely head banging to the hyper death metal riffs. Be sure not to snap your neck on these stop-start instances mainly because they do happen frequently.

Both sides of the coin are equally heavy. You are either succumbed to the sheer weight of the monstrous doom riffs, or you are subjected to a thrashing by the death metal. The genre benders do a great job of keeping everything fresh and never repeat anything. For each song-no matter what genre it currently is in-the vocals switch from deep growls to haunting clean vocals. Each of the vocal styles give you chills because you either feel as if your face will be ripped to shreds by an unknown evil, or you feel haunted by a pitch black evil. Whichever it is that you get-and a lot of the time you end up getting both-the vocals never seem out of place for any song. They add depth and a certain mystique to Gla’aki. If the vocals were just straight forward and just growls or just clean singing, then the message that Tyrant’s Kall is portraying wouldn’t nearly be as clear.

As versatile as the vocals are, for this special brand of music the instrumentation needs to be just as versatile, and they truly are. Switching from slow murky doom riffs to the break neck speeds of death metal isn’t easy, yet Tyrant’s Kall seem to have zero issues with it. You get the buzz filled doom licks and the sonic blasting tremolo picking as well. You get the pounding war like drum, as well as the tumultuous thrashing. Everything is here on Gla’aki but in doses enough that you get your fill, but never get too overwhelmed.

Gla’aki is a mysterious creature. Tyrant’s Kall shift and bend genres at their will making you have to go back and re-listen to the songs to pick up on everything. Much like Lovecraftian horror Gla’aki is dark and brooding making for an interesting, yet very good listen.

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