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Fractal Generator: Apotheosynthesis

August 17, 2015

a4017418082_10 There are many places around the world that seem to be hot beds for heavy metal and Canada is one of them. That being said Fractal Generator is from Sudbury,Ontario. This is their brand new album Apotheosynthesis that was just put out in July. Apotheosynthesis is a mouthful and the music that is brought to you in this album is an earful to say the least. It’s not the earful you get at work for blasting metal too loud, it’s the fun kind of earful you get while listening to metal.

Fractal Generator make their music to completely scramble your brain I believe. Apotheosynthesis is an ever moving force of energy that cannot be stopped. They’re loud, technical and dizzying. With the run times that they sport it gives them the room to create these soundscapes and paint a picture of cosmic demise. If the giant eye in the middle of space was any indication, it is that Fractal Generator are a cosmic death metal band. With the songs being themed around the cosmos you get song titles like “Synthetic Symbiosis” and “The Singularity”. It is cosmic death metal not in the strain of Origin or the like. Instead of being grind Fractal Generator play straight death metal with cosmic themes, stretching the songs out creating some atmosphere to the songs.

Apotheosynthesis shows off nine songs with the longest being over eight minutes. Most of death metal is unrelenting by way of pummeling you with machine  gun drumming, sharp riffs, and the mid to low growl vocals that everyone is accustomed to. While Fractal Generator do all of those things listed, they do add something else to the songs to add depth and a space expedition feel. They add some strange dissonant noises in the background of some of the songs that feel like a space ship is coming to pick you any second for probing. They use this in a lot of their songs, but the most noticeable is in the song Face of the Apocalypse. Throughout the song until the very end the unusual sounds appear giving you more atmosphere to the song.

The aberrant sounds are of course just peppered in the mix and are by no means the focal point of the album. The musicianship is the focal point of the album. If you are going to be a cosmic death metal band there are a couple of things that do need to happen. You do need to create a certain atmosphere, and you need to be able to play tight, fast, and on point. Apotheosynthesis supplies the fast technical aspect almost to a dizzying degree. The music is tumultuous and forever relentless. Once the first song starts, there aren’t too many breaks in between save for the few very short intros to certain songs. The riffs are piled high on this album and the drums are hyper and chaotic force feeding you blast beat after blast beat. The vocals are of the mid range growl category and they aren’t barked at you at sonic speed either. If they were then perhaps Apotheosynthesis wouldn’t be as appealing. That goes for the rest of the music as well. It borders on too chaotic, and just chaotic enough to get the point across.

Through the end of the album you understand what Fractal Generator is about, and that is playing some unrelentingly fast punishing cosmic death metal and that is exactly what they excel at. With the run times being longer it gives Fractal Generator the proper platform to create these stories of the apocalypse and other unforeseen cosmic horrors. Step inside the spaceship with Fractal Generator and enjoy the death metal that you will be playing at your probing.

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