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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

God Dementia: Consuming the Delusional

August 17, 2015

a0730835299_10 Consuming the Delusional is the debut album from Chicago based death metal band God Dementia. If the cover art for the album is any indication of what is inside, then the album must be jam packed with death metal goodness right? Well yes as a matter of fact that is right. God Dementia is a pure through and through death metal band. Nothing else is mixed in here. It’s not blackened death, doom and death mixed, it is straight no filter death metal.

Consuming the Delusional is ten track album that rips and tears at your flesh like a dull hacksaw. There are no intros to ease you into the next song, it is all just death metal all the time. God Dementia doesn’t skip out on brutality that is certain.

Death metal is chaotic by design. It isn’t meant to be entirely smooth or over produced. God Dementia is entirely chaotic. Consuming the Delusional is a dark, writhing mass that reeks of death. A lot of times death metal bands will add something else to the music, like mixing a different genre with death metal morphing the music into something that just isn’t death metal anymore. In an effort to keep the genre pure God Dementia keep it just straight death metal. Consuming the Delusional bleed the black blood of death metal throughout. As I mentioned above there is nothing mixed in, and there doesn’t need to be. If there just so happened to be some genre bending going on here it would ruin the purity of the music, but there is nothing here that ruins the complete metallic and ruinous onslaught of God Dementia.

Consuming delusional people sounds like quite the chore, but with a sound track like this it would be even less of a chore and more of a delight. The raw visceral energy that pours from Consuming the Delusional would probably consume delusional people. The lyrics are of course dark and spiteful, but they are smart and the songs are well crafted. Such a savage beating isn’t complete with just lyrics however, you need the instruments too of course and God Dementia rip through these songs. The riffs swirl around your head and cut like a knife. Throughout the album there are some finger shredding guitar solos sprinkled in as well. The drums pound against your ear drums giving you the heaviest of doses of blast beasts (yes I said blast beast, I know what I’m doing). Blasts aren’t the only thing the drums are capable of however. They are spastic and the drummer takes full advantage of using it at his disposal. As for the vocals, I’m not sure if they found a rabid hellhound to record them, but the vocalist screams and yells in a hellish fashion. The vocals aren’t quite guttural, and not quite just screaming. Standing somewhere in the middle the vocals are throat shredding and powerful, yet audible to the point where you can hear the lyrics. They’re clean, yet murky and punishing and very suiting for the music that is supporting them.

This Chicago based band make a statement on their debut saying that just some good o’l straight up death metal is always here to stay and that it will. Consuming the Delusional is a head banger’s delight, so be sure to contort and twist your neck has much as you can while beating your ear drums to death with this here record, it’s worth the hospital bill.

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