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Torture Pulse: God Leash

August 18, 2015

a0708771419_10 Finnish death metallers Torture Impulse released their second full length titled God Leash in early June. I’m uncertain of what a God Leash is, but what I do know is that it is an album packed with death metal. God Leash hammers out ten songs in typical death metal fashion. The album has almost an old school feel to it with a new school death metal spin. What grabbed my attention was the artwork, but you can’t judge an album by its cover. If I did that then I would assume that God Leash was a black metal album and not a death  metal album. Either way the art is striking and obscure and catches the eye and embodies what Torture Pulse is about, and that is raw death metal.

Raw death metal is different than that of over processed death metal of course. It doesn’t sound too manufactured and over worked. Torture Pulse leave the grime and the grit in the album and didn’t over produce the album leaving it to dwell in its natural sordid, slimy habitat.

As the album progresses the songs wander deeper into this death metal habitat. Not everything is sonic and neck twisting and not everything needs to be. Those elements are still there but Torture Pulse adds a few things here and there to mix the songs up a little bit. Nothing is progressive as in adding odd sounds or doing something entirely out of the realm of standard death metal. The elements that are added give more depth to the album instead of it being entirely stomping. Some of the songs slow down into doom style riffs and reign the fury in before unleashing it upon the masses once more. In the song “Army of Pestilence” two things stuck out to me that did make a difference albeit a small difference to switch things up a little but a difference none the less. At the beginning of the song the vocalist does an evil laugh to introduce the song after the punishing drums and the hyper tremolo picking has played for a bit. You’ve heard evil laughs before sure and this plays into the song very well as it feels like the most evil song on the record. The second thing that was interesting to me was the recurring almost war like drums throughout the song. The drums are subtle yet a powerful tool that makes the feeling of the song and the album all together feel that much more dark.

The other songs of course are equally dark and sinister. The last half of the album is the best part of the album. It seems as though a demonic switch was flipped and the latter half of the album is more chaotic and sinister. The songs twist and contort as if they were burning bodies thrown into the pit of hell for eternal torture. As I stated above, the songs in the second half of the album do a couple of things different than the songs in the first part. The riffs seem more possessed than usual, the drums seem more pounding and hellish, the bass seems more prominent and the vocalist seems to roar and spit venom with more anger and hate. This may just be me imagining things as well, but either way the latter half seems to be a more concentrated evil. While I may not be able to pin point exactly what the last half of the songs possess that the first half does not, I can say that it does feel like you will be pulled in by Belial at any moment.

I’m not saying at all that the first half is bad, that would be far from the truth. The entire album bleeds the black blood of death metal. The filthy riffs get your head banging in violent fashion, the drums pound away at your skull making you never forget what you heard, the bass provides a great undertone, and the vocalist seems to have learned his vocal techniques from some demons that he befriended. Overall “God Leash” is a straight forward evil, tortured soul of hell that just so happened to be put down on an album and called death metal for your sickening pleasures.

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