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Torturerama: Close Encounters of the Morbid Kind

August 18, 2015

a0836281293_10 Torturerama screams old school death metal. From the name Torturerama, to the Grave-esque album art to the song titles and everything in between, Torturerama oozes a particular black stench of old school death metal. With all of that being said Torturerama play in the vein of the band mentioned above as well as paying homage to others of course. This is the third total release from these sick gents from Bilzen,Belgium and it comes with ten oozing death metal tracks.

Over the last couple of years maybe and even more so recently the swing of new bands playing in the vein of the old has increased. Why this is I do not know. Maybe for nostalgia, maybe because death metal is regressing, I do not know. Either way the new bands playing old school death metal is not so much a fresh breath of air as it is a putrid breath of air. As old school death metal transformed into the more technical more produced death metal that we have today the old school hid away in a crypt. With more bands bringing the old school sound back from the grave, that is the putrid breath of air a lot of people were looking for. The nostalgia is there when listening to Torturerama because you get hints of Dismember, Grave, Entombed and more.

The old school sound may be hard to nail nowadays because it was done twenty plus years ago and you don’t exactly want to replicate the same sound someone had twenty years before you. That being said, Torturerama does a good job of emitting their own brand of filthy death metal. The old death metal style they play in is the style of old school Swedish death metal acts.

Throughout the ten songs you get all of the filth, grime, and guts that you could possibly want. The old buzz saw sound is the trademark of the entire album. The music is nice and thrashy never giving way to anything other than death metal; it’s pure straight from the crypt death metal. It’s dirty and oozes grime in the best possible way. The riffs are layered with a nice fuzz, nothing too thick but just enough to give that filthy feel.  The drums are thrasy and chaotic pummeling their way into your brain and the bass buzzes and thumps your ear drums. Close Encounters of the Morbid Kind is something of the grave. Torturerama does a good job of not over producing this album and keeping it as raw as possible. Over production can ruin albums making it seem manufactured but Torturerama keeps everything undead and plays the old school style with a thirst for blood. Over the sordid music are the vocals, and the vocalist does a good job of imitating the undead. He spews venom in a low gravely growl that his zombie counterparts would be proud of.

Close Encounters of the Morbid Kind does a good job of keeping old school death metal in the crypts where it belongs, but also giving it some new life. With the upswing of new bands playing old school death metal it was revitalized already in a sense, but with Torturerama the old school Swedish death metal sound is very much alive. They don’t try too hard as other bands do, they just simply worship the sounds of the old and make their music accordingly. Torturerama sound like they should have been around twenty years ago, but alas they are not; they are from this day and age having formed in 2009. Overall Torturerama and their new album Close Encounters of the Morbid Kind reek of that putrid old school death metal stench, and if that is what you are looking for then this is the album you should want to listen to.

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