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Black Tower: The Secret Fire

August 19, 2015

a0378744473_10 There are bands that you get that you can sing a long to and bang your head at the same time. So to the people that say that metal is nothing but a bunch of hellions screaming and slaughtering goats, I have this to say to you. What about Maiden, or Judas Priest, Metallica, or even Pantera. Those bands you can sing to and bang your head to at the same time. There are newer bands that are of the same strain such as Black Tower. The music is metal that you can sing to and is catchy all while banging your head.

The Secret Fire displays nine songs that kind of are a combination between punk and just straight up good o’l fashioned heavy metal. Black Tower have that catchy punk vibe about them, making the songs memorable. You will find yourself singing these songs a few times throughout the day because they allow you to sing along. The lyrics are of course audible, easy to understand, and memorable.

None of the nine songs sound alike, so getting variation within The Secret Fire is easy to do. Paying clear homage to some of the bands mentioned above-as well as a couple of black metal bands it sounds like-Black Tower have come up with a sound all of their own not really borrowing from anyone else. The punk influences are there and very prominent, the thrash is paired with it, and there are certain black metal aspects to the music as well that make for an interesting concoction of metal. Mixing certain genres with others is not always an easy task, but Black Tower seem to strike a pretty good balance between the several that they bring to the table. Coupled with the infectious lyrics and punk upbeat rhythms Black Tower can strike that metal nerve of yours. With all of the punk influences Black Tower retain a melodic sense about them never letting the punk overshadow the true meaning of the music.

Throughout The Secret Fire the vocals for the most part are of the clean singing, higher pitched to mid pitch variety. The black metal inspiration takes its shape in the vocals as well however. Occasionally during the album the singer will belt out some high pitched screeches reminiscent of black metal. Looking beyond the vocals, the musicianship is on point and crisp with flailing riffs and solos, and chaos controlled drumming.

The Secret Fire infects your metal nervous system with melodic musicianship, memorable lyrics, and just good head banging music. The album is a good listen for any heavy metal fan. So I say put the record on and storm the gates of some nearby castles!

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