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Imperative Decreation: Self Titled

August 19, 2015

a0878846846_10 Imperative Decreation hails from Lancaster,UK and play a furious style of death metal, or death grind, or whichever category they it in best. As it is known to me, this is their first and final full length album after disbanding, so sadly we will not be able to hear much more from them in the future. But that doesn’t mean their debut self titled album doesn’t get a proper review.

After you get over the wicked cover art, the contents of the album are just as wicked. I feel that Imperative Decreation set out to play as fast and as loud as they possibly could, record it and release an album. The noise isn’t just noise for noise sake however. The noise being emitted from your speakers is a fusion of death metal and grind. The marriage between the two genres seems to be one of unity and blissfulness, yet when the two are combined it seems there is nothing but turmoil. The cacophony of sound, and shredding guitars, coupled with the sonic pace at which Imperative Decreation play will probably make your ears bleed in the best way possible.

The album sports ten songs generally clocking in at two minutes or just above that. With the shorter run times which is characteristic of grind the album flies by at mach 1. The music is abrasive poking at your ear drums like a sharp knife, yet dizzying enough to warrant another listen because of all of the sound and fiery metallic fury that is launched at your face.

Through the majority of the album the songs are pure aggression fueled by hate. Fast skin shredding riffs rip and tear throughout the album, the tumultuous drums gallop along at a blistering pace, and the vocalist shreds his larynx with high pitched shrieks that get accompanied by low guttural visceral growls at certain points. During some of the songs the full blown metallic assault is yielded by a punishing down tempo break down. Don’t be alarmed that I used break down for a grind/death metal review. It isn’t the kind of break down that you hear over and over and over again in mediocre deathcore band records. It just is a break down in song. The songs that it does appear on break into a grinding, chugging riff fest only to be thrusted back into the accosting death metal that you were accustomed to.

Imperative Decreation’s stop start ability is great as well. Being able to stop such hyper riffs only to start just as quick again is impressive. This does happen throughout the self titled record allowing for the drummer to have his couple of seconds to shine through the shrieking guitars, and allowing the listener to catch his/her breath before the onslaught continues.

If you were thinking about screeching along with the songs on this self titled album, I would suggest thinking about it. The shrieks are throat bleeding goodness, and the gutturals that appear once every so often are have to tear up the vocal chords. Overall this debut is a good one. It writhes and lurches all over the place catching you off guard at the best possible moments only to throw you back on your feet (or your face depending how caught off guard you were) to continue with grinding madness that is ladled upon you. As I said above this is the first and final full length of this band, so hearing more from them is probably not going to happen. Imperative Decreation is a good debut, and worth a listen.

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