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Gouge: Beyond Death

August 21, 2015

a3391654503_10 Hells Headbangers seems to be pretty damn busy this year with some pretty filthy releases. This one from Gouge came from them earlier this year in March and Hells Headbangers doesn’t seem to be slowing down with a flurry of releases coming out for the rest of the year. Other than the insane amount of output from Hells Headbangers, Gouge is on to their second release titled Beyond Death following their Doomed to Death EP.

Gouge is certainly influenced by the old school attack of death metal and it clearly shows through on all of the songs. They’re all ripping, face melting, bone breaking songs to compliment and pay a proper ode to the bands of old that started the death metal revolution.

There are zero fillers or breaks in between songs, so if you were thinking that you could escape the clutches of the pure death metal assault that is Gouge, then you would be sorely mistaken. From the opening track “Wretched Passion” to the closing track “Beyond Death” you get pure visceral death metal aggression that cuts away at your ears.

Beyond Death is a ferocious album that blasts past you in the blink of an eye if you don’t pay attention. Most of the songs fall between the one and two minute mark with only two songs that surpass it at three and four minutes. But within those short minutes you get the feeling of intensity and madness.

Gouge’s death metal attack is grimy and punishing pushing you to death metal madness. From the riffs being skin boiling and sharp, to the chaotic storm that is the drums, to the slimy shouts and growls of the vocalist, Beyond Death is a tornado of an album. The riffs are frantic and sonic leaving your head spinning. Thrown into the mix are some squealing guitar solos that don’t really break the sonic assault up, but add a sharper edge to the death metal blade. The drum kit gets used in its entirety as the drummer sounds like he beat the kit up while recording the sounds and stuck it on the record. As tumultuous as the drums are they fit perfectly alongside the rest of the chaotic sounds that Gouge brings forth in their music.

Gouge is frenzied, chaotic and any other descriptors that you can use to describe their brand of thrashing death metal. On top of all of the death metal debauchery and noise, the vocalist adds his own flavor to the venomous stew. He growls, shouts, and yells throughout seemingly channeling the singers of old and even sounding like Cronos from Venom fame at certain points. With all of this mixed together, Gouge create a concoction that any death metal fan would proud of. It’s a fast, complete mayhem type of style that gets anyone to bang their head into oblivion. Gouge deliver on all death metal accounts and is certainly risking brain injury for.

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