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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Sator: Self Titled

August 21, 2015

a1662713525_10 The genre of doom can get a little stagnant and dry every now and then. And with the constant flow of new doom bands appearing over night you need something special and unique to set yourself apart from the blackness that is the doom genre. With Sator they mix new and old doom influences to create a sound that is unique and different.

While the music itself sounds that of traditional doom-and it is-Sator set themselves apart from the pack with their style of play as well as adding a little bit of sludge into the mix. Sludge and doom almost go hand in hand and are just about the perfect marriage between two genres. The sludge aspects add a different almost murkier feel to the music while adding faster and crunchy riffs as well as a psychedelic component.

Sator combine these two genres with ease creating what you see before you. The style of doom that they play is at times depressive, but for the most part it is gritty and heavy. You get a good balance between almost melancholy riffs and the hard rocking riffs and tunes of the sludge that Sator blend in nicely to the music.

The five songs that are displayed on this self titled album move as one. Each song melts directly into the other making the album cohesive. In other reviews I’ve mentioned and used the word cohesive a lot mainly because it is important to have a complete thought instead of completely separate ideas, especially in the world of doom. With such long run times doom bands are more apt to weave stories into one single song, and make an entire album into one long story.

As cohesive as all of the songs are it allows Sator to be as creative as they want and experiment with their sounds. The beautiful mix between the two different styles of music, between the doom and the sludge Sator creates a masterfully crafted album that doesn’t allow for one sound to overshadow the other.

The riffs are powerful and gloomy taking you on a journey to some of the darkest reaches of the planet whether you were ready for it or not. They are slow in parts and pick up in others further enhancing your need to nod your head to the music. Coupled with the depraved screams of the vocalist the album further thrusts you in a deep pit of despair.

Listening to Sator you cannot help but feel that you are alone, the world is empty and this is the sound track to your desolation. The music is depraved, gloomy and hangs over you like a pitch black cloud. The music is infectious and the riffs are memorable. Hell, the entire album is memorable. Sator know how to create a depressive desolate world for you to live in for forty minutes. Once you’re finished with the album, you will be inclined to press play again and feel the despair all over again.

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