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Show Me Wolves: Between Man, God and False Idols

August 23, 2015

a2884857753_10 A lot of bands recently have been mixing and mashing genres together to create something entirely unique. Show Me Wolves does this as well combining progressive black metal as well as metalcore. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh he said metalcore, there must be an extensive amount of whiny vocals”. Well there isn’t. For the most part the album is black metal with some unique clean singing in it as well to provide more melody.

Show Me Wolves hails from Iceland and Between Man, God and False Idols is the very first album from them. Show Me Wolves is a one man band so everything on this album is played by one guy which is impressive all on its own. The album shows off eight songs total that give you a mixture of that black metal coldness as well as atmosphere and melody which a lot of black metal lacks.

With the metalcore aspects thrown into the darkened black metal abyss, it gives Show Me Wolves the ability to experiment and play with different sounds creating a sound that is unique and fresh. The songs aren’t always one hundred percent black metal, they aren’t always that rough raw sound that you will hear from every black metal band out there. Those aspects are still there, but with adding a touch of melody to the music it gives Show Me Wolves another dimension to the songs and it gives the listener something else to think about.

Don’t knock this just because it isn’t straight up black metal for you elitists out there saying it isn’t “cvlt” enough or whatever. The black metal rawness is there in every song. Nothing is over produced, the riffs are still crunchy and razor sharp, the songs do have that fast chaotic pace to them, but every now and then they break into a laid back guitar solo or break into some great cleans as well.

Once the songs slow down a bit, they never stay there forever as they pick back showing you their blackened soul once more. Show Me Wolves does a great job of combining two completely different styles of music into something that sounds unique and fresh. One style does not take away from the other, instead they both enhance one another. The metalcore makes the black metal riffs more focused and clean instead of sounding like someone is playing the washboard and keeps the drums not sounding like someone found plastic buckets to play on. Don’t misconstrued this, I do like traditional black metal as well, but every once in a while it is nice to hear someone doing something new in a well played out genre.

From the more melodious moments, to the more headbanging moments, to the cleans and to the high pitched shrieks, everything that is thrown into the black metal blender here works and makes for an interesting concoction. There is something on this album for everyone. If you don’t just want to hear straight up black metal, then there are cleans as well as sharper guitar playing and more focused music overall. If you truly are “cvlt as fuck” there is something here for you to as they play fast, chaotic black metal as well. Overall as debuts go, this one is a good one and I would keep an eye out for Show Me Wolves in the future.

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