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Gorgosaur: Gashes and Demise

August 26, 2015

a3586294590_10 If you have an interesting name you are bound to catch someone’s attention, and that is exactly what these gents from Sweden did. The name of the band is Gorgosaur and this three track demo titled Gashes and Demise was released earlier this year. On their Bandcamp page they state that their music is “total death worship” and from listening to the demo that of course is one hundred percent accurate. There is nothing else within the three tracks that would lead anyone to believe they are anything other than death metal. The tracks have an old school kind of feeling to them reeking of death.

Since it is of course not a full length effort there is only so much that one can go off of. But with the tracks provided it is pretty apparent that they style they were going for was of the utmost raw sounding death metal they could create without sounding like a copy cat band. It helps that the music sounds as if it were recorded in a cemetery.

From the opener which is also the title track to the ending track titled “The Antropophagus” Gorgosaur rip and tear at your flesh with their death metal assault. While the death metal attack is of the standard old school variety Gorgosaur create a metallic onslaught all of their own.

Their goal of total death and destruction begins with the low tuned buzz filled guitar riffs that fill your ears with torment. They slash and hack their way into your brain infecting you with a memorable throw back to the death metal bands of old. The drums are spastic and tumultuous as the drummer uses the entire kit to his advantage. The songs are well crafted and don’t just sound like some guys found some instruments in a garage one day and decided to play death metal. The fuzzed out guitars are supplemented by the chaotic drums and all of that is topped off by a great vocal performance as the vocalist roars and yells his way through the tracks.

Gorgosaur certainly did read the book of the forefathers and take avid notes. As more and more bands are starting to regress into the older death metal style it may become harder to stand out among the crowd. But with Gorgosaur’s style of play as well as the little things they do here and there within the songs to give them more diversity they may be able to stand out among the crowded death metal genre. Either way, Gashes and Demise is a good demo and debut to just headbang your little necks to.

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