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Festering: From the Grave

August 27, 2015

a3327162198_10 Festering started in 1992 but had to be put off until 2011 with a new sound (or old?). With songs that sound like they came from the grave is Festering with their album From the Grave. This album was just put out recently through Caverna Abismal Records. From the Grave shows off ten grimy songs played in the old school death metal fashion. As I have said before and as I’m sure many people have been catching on the old school sound has been coming back and coming back in full force. Arising from the grave is something that old school death metal has done very successfully over the last couple of years. For every old death metal band that has called it quits there is a new band that plays old school style death metal to step up and take their place. In this case, Festering arose from the ashes of death metal to create and revamp their sound to put out this record here titled From the Grave. Festering certainly  play that straight forward style of old school death metal paying homage to the old while keeping the sound fresh and helping revitalize the old school death metal sound.

Festering display the proper use of the buzz saw guitar riffs that are very well known throughout the metal community. To hear music that is old school nothing at all needs to be clean. The sound needs to sound like it was strained through the pulpy flesh of your victims, it needs to sound dirty and as filthy as possible as if it were just resurrected for the soul purpose of creating death metal.

While Festering hit on all of the old school cylinders and apply what they learned from the zombies in the grave they manage to create their own sound. The infectious fuzz filled riffs are there coupled with the blistering drums and the thick bass lines. But what Festering stay away from is recycling music, or recycling riffs or lyrics. They keep all of the old school death metal charm with a name like Festering and song titles like, Infected, Exhumed, and Consuming From Within.

With all of that the death first apologies later approach is there. From the lyrics to the style of play they channel their predecessors to create the symphony of death that they call From the Grave. Having said that, Festering have a certain melodic side about them that keeps them fresh and keeps you off of your toes. Instead of thrashing about like a lunatic on instruments-which they still do expertly-they know when to slow things down and add certain melodious parts to their music when needed.

For the majority of the album it is hack and slash play, but when it is mixed with more melodious moments it gives the band more diversity. And while the pace is generally set at blistering the songs are crafted well so that they are not entirely pummeling all of the time but instead they are written so that the blistering pace is met with groove and flow.

With all of these new bands reviving the old school style of death metal it is refreshing to see that the genre is alive and well. The fiery metallic assault that Festering display is great for a neck twisting time of headbanging and debauchery. Rising from the grave Festering return from their slumber in full force with a strong record in From the Grave.

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