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Album Round Up: Goatbreather, Graveyard Dirt, Death Engine, DVNE

August 29, 2015

Since metal-more than probably any other genre of music-unites people from all over the world today we will be looking at bands  from several different places around the world. Within this list you will find all different styles of heavy metal hopefully allowing you to find some new music to listen to. Enjoy the Album Round Up!


a2282904198_10 Our first stop is in California with a band that calls themselves Goatbreather. This effort is self titled and displays six incredibly short tracks. Goatbreather play some grind and it sounds like if they really wanted to they could play slam as well.The tracks are short in typical grind fashion with the longest being almost two minutes. Within the songs you don’t necessarily get a lot out of it, but I really don’t think that you’re suppose to. What you do get however is a lot of buzzing guitars, spastic drumming and vocals that sounds like a toad got loose in the recording studio and just let it rip. At certain points the vocals almost take over as the focal point in the album. They’re a deep croaking that occasionally get accompanied by a war cry like yelling. Overall Goatbreather is interesting and if you’re looking for interesting and just something new to listen to really quick then Goatbreather is probably the right fit.


a1155623919_16 Heading over to Donegal,Ireland is Graveyard Dirt. This is their brand new just released on the seventeenth of this month E.P. titled My Scourge, My Plague. Just by looking at the album cover you would have to guess that they play either black metal or doom. Well they play the latter and do it very well. The three songs that appear on this E.P. are melancholic and have a certain haunting quality about them. The riffs alone are haunting. They stick with you after you’ve listened. The vocals are a throaty yell that get paired up with almost a spoken word type of approach which gives the impression that instead of just being a song they are actually stories being woven. Even though the songs for the most part are of the more melancholy variety, Graveyard Dirt isn’t without heaviness as well. The riffs loom large and at times turn into crunchier faster riffs as the drums follow suit picking up the pace, only to slow it back down again diving into the sea of emotion that is portrayed on this fine E.P. My Scourge, My Plague is a great E.P. with everything you would with there to be on a doom record.


a3546775229_16 Hailing from Lorient,France is a band by the name of Death Engine and Mud is their debut full length that was put out through Throatruiner Records. Death Engine plays a noisy hardcore-ish style that is one hundred percent suppose to rip your fucking face off. The abrasive style in which they do play is sharp and cuts like a knife. The music essentially sounds like the inner workings of a mad man’s mind which is just perfect. Each song is a writhing twisting mass of fiery metal that rains down on you like a hail of bullets. Most of the assault is hard to prepare for. The music is dark and stunningly violent catching you off balance for the entirety of Mud. Death Engine is completely relentless in their assault mixing violent riffs, with dirges of industrial noise as well as just straight up raw metallic noise.  Death Engine and their album Mud is a great album. You might want to brace yourself for impact for this one however.


a0196451043_10 This last piece was released November of last year but it was intriguing to me and felt like it needed to be written about. DVNE is a band that hails from the UK and plays an interesting brand of sludge. It is interesting and intriguing because it is not just sludge at all but mixed with it you can hear some doom and hardcore elements. Aurora Majesty is just a two track album that seems to focus on the darker side of things. Aurora Majesty displays some sludge riff goodness throughout the album throwing memorable riff after memorable riff at you. The sludge doesn’t last forever as the music shifts and transforms into doom at certain times. At other times DVNE switches it up into a faster paced more hardcore approach. The vocals are smokey and powerful giving the listener more food for thought. With a menagerie of different influences at play within just two tracks, DVNE never confuse who they really. The music ebbs and flows perfectly while mixing all of these different genres together. In just two songs there is a lot to take in here but it is all smooth making for an enjoyable listen.


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