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Idolatry/Unrest Split: Infection Born of Ending

August 30, 2015

Cover Front This brand new split to come out is between Ohio’s Unrest and Edmonton’s Idolatry. The split contains two songs with Side A featuring Unrest and their song “of Filth” and Side B features Idolatry and their song “Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse “. The two bands play pure black metal. It’s depraved, dark and completely hateful. Each of these bands compliment one another making “Infection Born of Ending” feel natural.

Each band plays in similar styles but each have different approaches to this style. Each style is straight from hell and completely blackened. But what Idolatry does is add a touch of melody to their song and add some haunting vocals at the end breaking up the pure blackened onslaught; whereas Unrest doesn’t add too much melodic moments. Instead Unrest is a straight forward metallic assault.

Now just focusing on one side and then the other, we’ll focus on Ohio’s Unrest to begin with. I think that it is important to add the fact that Unrest is a one man band. So everything that you hear is him. “of Filth” begins with some dissonant drum beats that morphs pretty quickly into the savagery that is Unrest. The song is nonstop furious riffs and a savage display of drum battery. The riffs are lined with a thick layer of fuzz which is just what you’d want to hear from an old school style of black metal. The music is  pretty much “hate first everything else later” as you get the feeling that this is what the song is portraying. On top of the musical onslaught, the vocals are plenty gravely and are more of grunts than anything else. They’re not the shrieks you’d come to expect now from so many black metal bands. Instead they are filthy mid range vocals that get barked at you from beginning to end.

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Idolatry Logo Band Photo As I mentioned above, the two bands seem to compliment each other well but do things just a little bit differently. That being said, that brings me to the other side of the split, the Idolatry side with their song titled “Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse “. According to the band the song title is a conjuration in French that tells a tale of someone who has prepared a room for themselves in which to end their lives. Already pretty gruesome right? Right. Well with a song title such as that you can only hope that the band would be able to back it up and that is exactly what Idolatry do. The beginning of the song starts with a nice slower more melodic type of riff and paired with it are some vocals that sound like a serpent recorded them. The more melodic moment doesn’t last very long as Idolatry switch gears and delve deeper into the realm of chaos and complete and utter darkness. The drums pummel and the riffs weave and slice their way through the entirety of the song. As far as the more melodic moments I mentioned above go, there are more of them within the song. And by that I simply mean it isn’t just a hellish assault of riffs after hellish assault of riffs and tumultuous drumming. They do slow the song down a few times and mix up the riffs giving a little more variety. Throughout the song the most noticeable thing are the vocals. They are very serpent like but transition into a wailing scream of torment as well as a more gravely shriek.

The two songs on this split from these bands are put together nicely. Each of the songs respectively are well executed and have that utterly depraved and hateful feeling about them. While each style of play may be a little different between the two bands, you can gather one thing from this split and that is that these bands set out to create something purely evil and I believe that was achieved. For fans of the occult, and pure blackened metal, this is something that belongs in your collection.

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