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Let Them Hang: Human Macabre Icon

August 31, 2015

a4107477720_10 Let Them Hang was formed in 2013 in Gothenburg and this is their newest effort titled “Human Macabre Icon”. This release is three tracks long of distorted guitars, writhing vocals and headbanging death metal. These guys draw a lot of inspiration from a lot of different areas within metal. They take some hardcore and punk and infuse it with their brand of old school death metal.

Let Them Hang display more than anything their death metal chops. The guitars are ultra down tuned and have a crunchiness to them that is layered with some filthy fuzz. While there are only three songs here for your sickening death metal pleasures, the feeling you get from Let Them Hang isn’t to be just as brutal as possible, but to make music that is just fun to headbang to.

And music that is just good to headbang to is just what someone needs. Sometimes you don’t want the ultra technical, strange time signature music that makes you contort and twist your neck in all different directions. Sometimes the straight up old school death metal sound is needed to twist and contort your neck in a completely different way.

“Human Macabre Icon” is a sonic wall of death metal. Your first encounter with the wall is the ultra fuzzy guitar riffs and once you get through the gauntlet of crunching guitars you face the wrath of the drums which pummel their way through your ears. On top of all of the death metal goodness, a layer of grimy vocals oozes from your speakers.

The vocalist spews the vocals all over the songs like bile. They are normally zombie-esque vocals but can transform into higher pitched screeches when the song calls for it. And at certain points throughout the three track disc, the songs slow down into a heavier more devastating riff pummeling drum combo. No worries it’s not a break down so relax.

Through the three songs on “Human Macabre Icon” the music is just fun to listen to and it is some good death metal as well. It’s entertaining, headbang worthy and overall just a good listen for all of you sordid death metal fiends.

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