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VHS: Hi-Fi Horror (Uncut Edition)

September 1, 2015

a3052052738_10 There are bands that end up taking themselves way too seriously and ultimately ruining a reputation or their music, or both. Then there are bands such as VHS that just seem to have a hell of a good time making this music. And while the content isn’t one hundred percent serious the music is fun to listen to and thrash about to. VHS mixes a couple of genres into what they do. They mix some death metal, grind, even some thrash making the thick bloody concoction that is VHS. They are all about gore and horror and slasher flicks and buckets of blood spray out of the music at you.

The entire album consists of nine total songs that really don’t amount to that long of a run time. But with a short run time there are massive amounts of good gory fun to be had within “Hi-Fi Horror”. If you don’t have any horror or slasher movies to watch VHS is a great band to substitute for them.

These horror fiends pull from all different directions. It’s not a shock that a lot of bands draw inspiration from horror movies, but VHS doesn’t just make one song about horror, pain, gore and torture, they feed off of it and every song is created in an ode to everything that makes you think someone with an ax is following you in the shadows.

Not only does VHS supply the blood and entrails they also pack a few surprises within their twisted world as well. As you think that the majority of the album is a combination of grind and death metal, they pull out some more groovy songs than the earlier ones. The groove doesn’t last long however and the majority of it gets soaked up into “Hairspray and Bloodspray”. The song has more of a thrash feel to it maybe because it’s placed in the eighties. However the song is more thrashy than the rest and sports a squealing guitar solo as well as babes in bikinis and knife wielding maniacs.

The songs before “Hairspray and Bloodspray” have a more grind approach to them as the songs are shorter and faster. The last couple of songs after “Hairspray and Bloodspray” are more of the death metal variety. The songs are longer and more focused and the musicianship is a little tighter. No matter which way the songs are being played whether it be grind, death metal, thrash or a combination of all three the songs all have a combination of sharp and chaotic riffage, tumultuous and focused drums and filthy vocals which range from a lower more gravely guttural style to more of a yelling/screaming styling.

VHS knows how to have a good time with the music as well as play the music well and take the horror and gore and sometimes overly cheesy slasher flicks and pack them all into a nine song album. You can headbang to this and also feel like you’re being chased by Jason. Just be sure not to headbang so much, or you’ll go home headless.

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