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Teepee Creeper: Ashes of the Northwest

September 2, 2015

a2738064847_16  According to the band themselves, they’ve been penned under a lot of different genres such as stoner rock/metal, sludge, rez rock. And they’ve come up with something themselves and they are self described as “heavy like your step dad’s drunken breath on the back of your little sister’s neck.” As far as that goes, I’ll let you fine metal heads decide whether you believe that to be correct or not. However, we are not here to discuss heaviness, we’re here to discuss some metal. And this metal comes by way of Port Angeles, Washington in the name of Teepee Creeper.

Teepee Creeper really do play in the strain of sludge more than anything else. And since sludge has an uncanny ability to make you feel as though you’re on a weird trip through time and space and since the majority of “Ashes of the Northwest” focuses a lot on the galaxy-among other things- they really make you feel as though you should be taking a trip through space.

It isn’t the crazy and wild ride that you would normally get from Mastodon but nonetheless Teepee Creeper invite you in to their sludge filled space ship to take you on a grimy ride through the stars.

While on this ride you get subjected to different subject matter such as the band seeming to have a general disdain for humans all the way to rainbow sex and others in between. The sound is of groove and without slowing down or skipping a beat the album plows through seven songs as well as your ear drums.

Through the entirety of “Ashes of the Northwest” you feel yourself caught up in head banging to the slick grooves and crunchy guitar riffs that Teepee Creeper has to offer. Their rocket is fueled by buzz filled riffs, a thick never ending bass, heavy hitting drums and vocals that are easy to sing along with and sing the lyrics to.

Each song has something different to it never repeating the same thing and giving the hungry listener a decent size sludge sandwich, but the one thing that does remain consistent are the rolling heavy riffs and the sickeningly sweet guitar solos that are ladled upon you in every track. With the guitars being as crunchy as fuzz filled as they already are, what can you do to amplify that even more? You add obese bass lines to every song giving them that extra back bone and weight to throw around. With the guitars and bass being as sticky and thick as they are and the drums being just as fluid and memorable just one last thing needs to fall into place to drive the music home. Teepee Creeper supplies some catchy hooks that are easy to sing to and pick up and that will get stuck in your head for days.

While rocking out to these tunes I’m sure you’ll find yourself singing a song or two. All in all Teepee Creeper are a catchy band and “Ashes of the Northwest” is a good album. It has sludge written all over it, and that is what Teepee Creeper supplies. If you’re just needing some good and heavy sludge or just metal in general, you can turn to Teepee Creeper.

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  1. Great review! Teepee Creeper freakin’ rule. Heavy, saturation, space, smoke, groove etc…

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