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Fire: Save Me

September 3, 2015

a1679317864_10 Fire, after being around for a while-twelve years to be exact-are considered veterans in heavy metal. But after all of those years this is their first original release. Within this very short two track single you can tell that they fire on all cylinders here. From the cover art to the beautiful music within they leave you wanting more and more music from these natives of Hamburg, Germany. After twelve years they sound fresh and ready to stake their claim on the vast land that is heavy metal.

Fire play within the traditional realm of heavy metal. The vocals are clean, the riffs are sharp and galloping and very groovy, the drumming isn’t sporadic or crazy it is precise and powerful just as it needs to be. With only two songs here to listen to there isn’t too much ground you can cover, or so one would think. But hidden behind the wonderful cover art are songs that hide special traits themselves.

With that being said we can start at the first song which is the title track titled “Save Me”. The song begins with a sharp riff that gets paired well with a kind of whisper from the lead singer. Not even half way through the song the guitarist lets out a sweet guitar solo that is reminiscent of the heavy metal bands of old. Not too often is it that you get to hear a shrieking guitar solo anymore and when you do it’s generally out of place and stuck in in an odd area of the song. However this solo doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, it melts directly into the song. As “Save Me” progresses you get the same galloping riffs but just at a faster pace. The drums kick into high gear as well pummeling your ear drums with the swift double kick from the drummer. Over the music the vocalist gets to belt out his high pitched screams that are as soothing as they are sharp. Toward the end of “Save Me” the song breaks down and lets the bass shine as it transitions into more of a jazzy bass solo and the song fades into the second song titled “The King is Dead”.

“The King is Dead” begins with an intro that is part melodic solo paired with a kind of marching drum beat. The lead singer’s vocals wash over the music like sweet vocal metal honey. The song begins to pick up a bit as the guitars have an acoustic sound to them, but quickly transition into the heavier metallic riffs. On the “The King is Dead” you can expect more of the same from Fire. You can expect the groovy riffs the sweet vocals and the fluid drums. A little more than half way through the song the guitarist belts out another guitar solo which melts directly back into the punishing riffs. Through this song the acoustic sounding guitars mix well with the heavier fiery riffs. The very end of the song ends in something that almost came as a surprise to me. “The King is Dead” ends in a whistle solo. Sounds like that couldn’t possibly fit within a metal song right? Well you’d be dead wrong. The whistle solo fits well and fits with the story in which the song is telling.

This offering by Fire is filled with great song writing, great musicianship sprinkled with a couple of surprises here and there such as the whistle solo at the end of “The King is Dead”. With these two tracks you feel there needs to be more that you can listen to, but alas there is not and you have this single here. However with these two songs being as good as they are, you’ll sing along, and air guitar along with this single just as merrily as you would if it were a full length.

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