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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Necrocosm: Damnation Doctrine

September 4, 2015

a3906579938_10 Through the fiery depths of hell-or Raleigh, North Carolina-rises Necrocosm. Rising from the ashes of a burnt out project Necrocosm release this album their debut titled “Damnation Doctrine”. Necrocosm is a sonic assault of death metal that is completely out for blood. The betterment of mankind is not on the forefront of Necrocosm’s mind instead it is the downfall of humanity and shedding as much blood as possible. With the ten songs that are presented in “Damnation Doctrine” and the sonic assault that is Necrocosm you get technicality as well as melodious moments.

The opening to the album begins with a song titled “Damnation” that is an instrumental and it represents the rest of the album. It’s fast, melodious and pummeling, and what you can take from that is the fact that the rest of “Damnation Doctrine” is the exact same pummeling you receive for two minutes with “Damnation”.

After “Damnation” the album melts into “Sworn Hatred” which also rips and tears displaying more of Necrocosms sharp musicianship. Other than the flesh flaying pace in which the song is played, “Sworn Hatred” works the verse chorus verse structure well. And since the vocals on the track are audible you can follow along to the song and hear the lyrics well enough for them to be memorable.

Transitioning between songs, there really are no breaks for you to catch your breath or steady your head from all of the headbanging so just keep twisting that neck until you pass out. As was stated above the intro “Damnation” is a pretty good precursor of things to come, and headed into the second song “Architects of Death” you get more of the face smashing galloping death metal madness.

As much blood letting as there is within “Damnation Doctrine” the album isn’t without its melodious parts as well. They are scattered throughout the album and give you a little reprieve from the metallic savagery. Most of the melodious moments come when the finger snapping guitar solos come in to play and they come in to play often as they are injected into each song.

On top of the hyper tremolo picked riffs are the energetic blast fueled drums as the drummer uses the entire kit and more than likely broke a couple of sticks while recording. While the squealing guitar solos, the pummeling drums and the thick bass are hacking and slashing away the vocalist displays a pretty good range. Through the first half of the album the vocalist stays mostly at a mid range vocal style which eventually creeps into the higher octaves, and toward the latter half of “Damnation Doctrine” a more guttural approach comes into the music displaying an even wider vocal range. Even though there are vocals of the more guttural variety as well as the mid and high vocal ranges the lyrics are well enunciated and pretty understandable for the most part.

With this debut Necrocosm seems to be out for blood and secondary to that is just to get people to head bang. “Damnation Doctrine” is technical, brutal, well crafted and executed and above all is just a good album to headbang to.

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