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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Obedience to Dictator

September 5, 2015

a0643183325_10 As far as brutal death metal goes-or any death metal for that matter- it is an acquired taste. If you really  like to have your face smashed in and your bones snapped like little twigs, then brutal death is for you. With that being said Obedience to Dictator hail from Italy and play an interesting brand of brutal death  metal. Not only is it not just straight up and down brutal death metal, but they cram some elements of black metal and deathcore in there as well. Obedience to Dictator also describes themselves as sci-fi death metal which seems to be pretty accurate with the music that is presented.

With the several different genres at work here never does it seem that the music stumbles over itself or confuses its true identity. The cohesion of the genres is of course very important so that it doesn’t feel like one giant ball of noise. Instead Obedience to Dictator piece the different sounds together very well creating the sonic wall of metal that is known to be “Hogzilla”.

There are five tracks here with one being more of an interlude more than anything else. And with the opener “Grimlock Overload” you get to hear an audio clip from Stephen Hawking which quickly melts into the savagery that is Obedience to Dictator. The interlude “The New Lords” is really  the only break you get from the beating that is “Hogzilla”.

The riffs smash with a great force, as the drums and blast beats punish your ears for daring to open “Hogzilla”, the bass rumbles in the background providing more of a backbone to the music giving it a heavier sound all together. Through the entirety of this E.P. you can expect the same from each of the songs. You can expect the relentless drums, the fiery riffs and the thick bass. While Obedience to Dictator are in the more death metal sound of their music they play tight and focused for the most part giving a technical death metal vibe, but only to become a little thrashy here and there giving a more old school death vibe. Never having one sound step in the way of the other they do a great job combining the sounds into a pure onslaught of death metal.

The vocals that are within “Hogzilla” lean a little more toward the black metal spectrum for the majority of the E.P. They are higher pitched with gravely undertones, but as a contrast the vocalist doesn’t stay there constantly. He does throw in some gutturals to give his sound some diversity. The mix in vocal styles seem to fit this style of music that is deemed sci-fi death metal.

Obedience to Dictator creates a darkened atmosphere with their music and are able to do so with their theme being sci-fi. But overall, “Hogzilla” is a kick straight to the teeth and a punch to the gut. This is just an E.P. mind you, but it ladles up quite the beating. If you are into brutal death metal at all or just some interesting death metal to listen to that packs quite the punch, Obedience to Dictator is the band to listen to.

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