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Tantrum: Devirginized

September 6, 2015

Front_Cover Hiding within the deepest and darkest recesses of Germany, Tantrum make their comeback with this release here titled “Devirginized”. Tantrum was formed in 1998 and broke up in 2003, only to reform in 2011. After some lineup changes Tantrum emerged from the shadows to bring “Devirginized” to your ears and devirginize them. Tantrum play some death ‘n’ thrash which hasn’t been a very prominent sub genre for quite some time. You generally either get death metal or thrash metal, but Tantrum combine the two to create the metallic mass that is death ‘n’ thrash. With “Devirginized” you get five tracks of the death ‘n’ thrash attack that is Tantrum.

After hiding away for so many years Tantrum release five furious tracks for your pleasure. The majority of the music has more of a thrash presence than a death metal presence to it, which is never a bad thing of course. The death metal seems to come in spurts here and there while the thrash elements seem to take over the majority of the playing time. The death metal aspects show up more in the vocals, lyrics and at times provide a more crunching heavier guitar riff than thrash can provide.

Throughout the five songs they move swiftly one from the next making certain that you don’t have time to stop headbanging between songs. Thrash can be pretty stagnant and for years it’s been beaten like a dead horse, and that dead horse has been around for a long time and it’s seen a lot of abuse. Thrash seems to be stuck in a certain era and never progressed any further and never seems to be able to regardless of what you throw into it. That being said, the death metal elements that Tantrum add to their thrash attack give that genre as well as the death ‘n’ thrash genre some fresh air. Having said that the album gives off more of a thrash vibe with death metal sprinkled into it, the death metal elements help give the songs more fire and more back bone.

While the main staple of the riffs being of the thrash variety, Tantrum slow it down a little at points incorporating the chugging death metal riffs that we all are familiar with. Even during the galloping thrash assault the band kicks into an even higher gear where you hear some blast beats as well as those stone cracking down tuned riffs. Thrown into the mix are some squealing fiery guitar solos which give a nod more toward the thrash side of things and behind all of that you get a bass that rumbles along supporting each song giving them nice heavy undertones.

With everything happening behind him the vocalist provides his own flair to the music. His vocals are a cross between the thrash metal gravely yell and a monstrous death metal growl. The growl comes out more often in the latter half of “Devirinized” and it meshes well with the music. The lyrics are clearly audible through each vocal style making it easy to make your neighbors unsettled as you yell along.

“Full of rage and full of anger, five songs for the perfect armageddon” is the statement Tantrum issued about their songs. Each song is bursting at the seams with anger and rage, that much is apparent and with that the music gets you to get up and move.

Tantrum mix death metal and thrash well within these five songs. Thrash takes the reigns for the most part leading death metal with it into battle for earth but each song has a good mixture of both. With such a fiery assault you can see this on your playlist for the armageddon. Tantrum and their new release “Devirginized” will be out September 25th through Inverse Records.

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