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Ecorche: Deep in the Ground

September 8, 2015

E¦ücorche¦ü - Deep In The Ground - cover If for whatever reason you want to feel like you’ve completely lost it there are a couple of things I suppose that you can do, one of which is taking copious amounts of drugs and the other is listen to Ecorche. Ecorche is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and play one of the most intriguing styles of black metal I’ve heard. Not only are they black metal but they incorporate completely raw, unfiltered industrial elements as well. But the wild twisted ride doesn’t stop there, in fact that is pretty much only the beginning. Ecorche mix all of this with horror as well creating a soundscape that is entirely unnerving and hair raising. Not only can you not just go through the album once and call it a day, “Deep in the Ground” makes you take the fifty minutes out of your day to listen to it thoroughly and then when it’s all over it pulls you back in for more. Ecorche are captivating and almost mesmerizing in a very creepy way.

To start off all of this horror is formulated by just two guys. And the music that they make sounds like you’re listening to the thoughts of deranged serial killer. Over the fifty minute run time you get subjected to abrasive noises, horrifying screams, and overall just a well put together horror fest.

The music itself is poisonous and does a great job of infecting your mind making it memorable whether you want to remember it or not. “Deep in the Ground” grabs a hold of you in its talon like clutches and doesn’t let you go until the ride is over. While the album has you tightly in its grasp it takes you over dark and dismal scenes of your nightmares coming to life.

Ecorche paint a truly terrifying picture of desolation and fear. Adding all of the industrial elements that they do to their music it really creates something unique and thought provoking. “Deep in the Ground” displays a mixture of industrial music with atmosphere so that it doesn’t sound like a mashing of metallic machinery but instead they make it sound oddly mystifying.

Frankenstein’s monster I feel is a good comparison to this music only because he was stitched together to be one big behemoth much like Ecorche stitches completely different elements together to create their truly disturbing music.

The music itself is like watching a symphony of chaos form before your eyes. The erratic behavior of the music itself that is coupled with the dark black metal stylings as well as the abysmal atmospheric industrial textures creates a head spinning ride. The vocals twist and contort into different sounds all the time. They can be high pitched black metal shrieks which are filtered through a voice changer, or they can even sound more robotic and dissonant, they can be a growl as well as a creepy kind of singing. And those are just some of the styles that are offered.

Vocals are only a piece of the blackened puzzle however. The riffs are nice and dissonant as well and the drums are all over the place never staying in one spot long enough to truly work out where a beat begins and where another starts. Thrown into the mix is a pretty thick bass to back the riffs and the drumming up. With all of that comes the industrial synths and the odd samples. The industrial aspects make the music hit harder than it normally would if it were just a straight shot of black metal and mix in the samples of screaming, flies buzzing among other things you get a sonic wall of of pitch black metallic noise.

There is a lot that is going on with “Deep in the Ground” and they cover a lot of ground within the album. Even though the run time is about fifty minutes it doesn’t seem as though it is fifty minutes. Ecorche have an innate ability to suck you into their twisted world making you forget all about time. I’m positive there is some stuff that I may have forgotten to mention about this album in this review, but with something like this it may be better to leave it up to the listener. However, as my final statement about this album I will say that it really is intriguing and it is an interesting listen. You may not get nightmares from it, but it is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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