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Grand Inquisitor: Blood Letters

September 10, 2015

a1331841240_16 Grand Inquisitor is a doom/grind trio out of Missouri. Just saying the combination itself is interesting. Doom is at points is glacier slow and grind is blitzkrieg of metal, and combining the two would seem for an interesting time. Grand Inquisitor mix these two genres who have almost nothing in common to create their unique brand of music. Blood Letters is their newest offer which was released April this year. The album sports five songs with four hitting the five minute mark and even surpassing it.

Whether Grand Inquisitor puts doom first or grind they split each song pretty well with a healthy dose of both. While the slower doom riffs drag on even they have that grind fire burning not too far below them. And while there are doom elements it seems that the grind takes over the better portion of the run time.

For the most part Blood Letters is chaotic and it is set on a crash course to your dome. Grand Inquisitor play fast, ripping grind in typical grind fashion. They emit noise from everywhere and aren’t afraid to play at those break neck speeds nor are they afraid to slow it down either and show off the doom side of things.

When the doom does come in to play the music seems more groovy and not so abrasive. They switch gears pretty well without grinding the gear box. One moment can be a metallic onslaught of fury and fiery riffs, and the next they slow down in to groovier riffs.

The guitars are fuzz filled and are pretty much let off the chain to do whatever they damn well please. Essentially no noise is off limits. I have to assume the drummer is an octopus because of two reasons. One being that two arms can’t play that fast all the time, and two the entire kit seems to be used all at once. Meanwhile, adding to the symphony of chaos that is Blood Letters the bass rumbles its destructive bass lines in the background.

While the music is a whirling metallic fire storm, the vocals are screamed and barked at you from the beginning making the music even more abrasive than it already is. Not to mention the three guys that are in the band are all on vocals, so you never know which direction you’re getting yelled at next.

Overall, this release by Grand Inquisitor may be noise to a lot, or interesting to a lot or a combination of both. Whichever you decide, the overall sound is interesting and it is an equally interesting decision to add doom with grind and see what kind of music came out of it. Blood Letters is an album for anyone who just wants to be as loud and destructive as possible, piss off a few neighbors and just go nuts to.

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