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Mutilatred: Dissecting Your Future

September 10, 2015

mutilatred_cover_RGB By reading the name of certain bands you can almost guess what they’re all about. Mutilatred is certainly about what their name is or at least the two words it is comprised of which would be mutilate and hatred I’m assuming. The band was formed by ex members of Premonitions of War and Serpent Speech. The music is filled with hate and they intend on mutilating you even after your body is lifeless. For this Toledo, Ohio group, Dissecting Your Future is their debut full length from Seeing Red Records. With a mixture of slam, deathgrind, and even old school death metal thrown in the mix, Mutilatred are out for blood with their release.

While Mutilatred are not out to reinvent the wheel of death metal with this release-which the press release states that they are not out to reinvent any wheels- they do certainly add their own sickening sound to the wheel that rolls over and cracks the limbs of its opposition. With three of some of the most devastating sub genres out there in metal combined into one thirteen track album you are bound to witness mass amounts of blood, horror and mutilation. There are only two songs on this album out of the thirteen that cross the three minute barrier while the others are just over two minutes or shorter. The longest song is the closer titled Exploding Veins which amasses to fifteen minutes, but only just over four minutes is actual face melting metal while the other eleven minutes are strange industrial sounding noises.

From first beat of Skinned While Alive it is very apparent that Mutilatred only want to pummel you straight into the ground, and then continue to do so even after you lie dead in a ditch. Following in the footsteps of the grind and death metal bands that came before, Mutilatred aim to disgust and lay waste to all life forms with their putrid intensity.

The third offering from this Ohio band is aptly titled Fuck You, which seems fitting and appropriate for the amount of attitude that they throw around. Mutilatred is mean and vile proving to have some pretty hefty death metal chops. With the three very volatile genres mixed in with one another, the music feels nothing short of a sledgehammer cracking your skull wide open. Each of the different styles of play get their time to shine in this thirteen track onslaught.

The deathgrind elements come in to play most often as the songs are short and packed with furious intensity, while the old school death metal injects enough groove in the music to keep them from flying off the rails at any given moment. As for the slam, there are plenty of slamming moments embedded within the songs. As fast and eviscerating as all of the songs are they are equal parts devastating when it comes to dishing out the down tuned bone cracking slams.

Chugging riff is piled on top of chugging riff making for a dense concrete thick wall of metallic fury only to be slowed down when the slams are called upon to deal the finishing blows. All the while the drums pound away at your chest with pummeling machine gun blast beats and pin point drumming and providing more back bone to the music the bass rumbles along in the background. Over top of the foul music the vocalist spews his bile filled vocals over the thirteen songs. Guttural and zombie-esque, the vocals provide even more gore to the table.

While being a relatively short album, Dissecting Your Future does more than dissect. The dissection is just the beginning. Mutilatred embodies death metal in its entirety. They understand that reinventing the wheel isn’t always necessary, but instead creating a massive anvil of death is necessary. Wading through the flesh and remains that this album leaves behind would be a task, but overall it is worth it. Dissecting Your Future is a great debut that is packed full with entrails and corpses, and is something that any death metal fan would love to have in their collection.

Dissecting Your Future comes out the twenty-fifth of this month off of Seeing Red Records.

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