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Cryptic Realms: Eve of Fatality

September 13, 2015

CR FRONT COVER Cryptic Realms is an international death metal band. There are four guys in Cryptic Realms and they hail from Greece, USA, Mexico and Brazil. Cryptic Realms keep it true and play old school death metal. On this demo there are four songs that are nothing but death metal. There’s nothing else that is mixed in with it, Eve of Fatality is just straight up raw old school death metal. This is just a demo, but the bodies pile up pretty high.

One way to  make sure your enemies are dead and stay dead is to play a brutal assault on the ears. There is only one song on this demo titled Necrophagous that has an intro, but even that lasts for about a minute before you dive head first into the wood chipper. The intro to that song gives off an eerie horror like feeling which doesn’t seem necessarily needed only because it’s the third song on the demo, and the sound has already been established. With that being said the atmospheric intro does seem to be a little out of place, but after that the music falls in line with everything else that has been going on before it. And that quite frankly is my only complaint throughout the demo.

With the tiny bit of complaining aside, that short intro doesn’t impact the rest of the music as I stated above. Each song shreds and mutilates your lifeless corpse into oblivion.

From the beginning Cryptic Realms establish very well that the old death sound is what they’re aiming for. Paying great homage to the likes of Obituary and Autopsy and the like, Cryptic Realms makes sure they turn your headbanging full of life body into a headbanging zombie.

The riffs are heavy and sharp, while the drums pummel and beat your head in, the bass rumbles and shakes the ground below you and the vocals seem to be resurrected from the dead giving off a zombie like quality. Throughout Eve of Fatality you get your fair share of guitar solos as well. They’re not the shrieking guitar solos you would normally hear, but instead are of the more subtle and shredding variety. Not every guitar solo has to be in your face and out of control, and Cryptic Realms reigns those solos in to mix them in well with the rest of the sickening musicianship.

Speaking of musicianship, through these four songs it is on point. Everything here is played at a blistering pace and executed very well. The riffs are finger bleedingly solid, the drums are pulverizing, the bass is sordid and the vocals are nasty. Cryptic Realms do everything that they can to make sure your brains spill out of your head and this demo just about does that. Eve of Fatality is a headbanging ode to the old and definitely worth the listen. Eve of Fatality will be out through Weed Hunter Records soon.

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