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Black Bleeding: A Bright Future

September 14, 2015

blackbleeding_cover_big_4x4 Do you like moshing about and creating havoc? Do you like furious mosh pits of destruction? Do you just like to have a good time in general? Well then I think I have the perfect band for you fine heathens and they go by the name of Black Bleeding. Music is suppose to make you feel something, anything at all especially metal. If it doesn’t make you feel anything, then it’s not doing the job and it’s completely soulless. You’re suppose to want to get up and move and thrash your house and headbang until your fucking head falls off your shoulders. Black Bleeding are a good time. They play some blackened death with a tinge of thrash thrown in the mix. They make you headbang and want to drink and start a mosh pit and just get up and move to the music. A Bright Future was released last year but is being re-released through Nihilistic Holocaust this year.

The offering that is A Bright Future is quite the offering indeed. The album included eight songs that thrash and writhe and are purely destructive. The sound of Black Bleeding is almost like you’re strapped into a speeding burning car that is headed over a cliff. With A Bright Future you’re strapped in to a high speed assault that never ends until the last song is over, or until you’ve destroyed your apartment.

When you’re done flailing like a maniac to the music you feel beat up and exhausted. Black Bleeding does a great job of energizing you and getting you up out of your seat. You begin moshing and before you know it the album is over and you want to press play again to hear the straight forward metallic assault that Black Bleeding brings to the table.

There are bands that are serious and others that create music for the fun of it all and do it to have fun. A Bright Future is a fun album and doesn’t take itself entirely serious. Even if they aren’t one hundred percent serious all the time, that doesn’t detract any from the music that is at hand here, and the music that is at hand is of great intensity and is very extreme. A Bright Future is very chaotic, and Black Bleeding would act as a great demolition crew. They don’t need the dynamite or anything, all they have to do is play a set of this album here and a building would go up in smoke.

The intensity and furiosity comes from the combination of black, death and thrash metal. Every genre is blistering fast and relentless in their attacks. With the three combine Black Bleeding is a three headed monster. These riff slingers may have snapped a few string with the recording of this album. The riffs are sharp and completely fly off the rails, the drums couple that off the hinge approach by being just as tumultuous and pummeling, and kicking up some dust behind is the bass that rumbles right along. With the punishing musicianship comes the throat shredding shrieks of the vocalist. He switches from a gravely shriek to a much higher ear piercing black metal screech and transitions between the two flawlessly.

Through these eight songs, this blackened volcanic eruption of metal is just exactly that, a blackened volcanic eruption. Each song is fiery, and defies the sonic barrier and each song is fueled by blazing riffs, pounding drum work, sharp bass lines, and throat shredding vocals. A Bright Future induces headbanging and primal destructive nature, listen with discretion.

Follow this link below, it will take you to the band’s Bandcamp page where you can listen to the music until your heart is content!

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