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Time Waster: Demo / Rot Spawn: Self Titled

September 15, 2015

Today I have stumbled across two bands that play somewhat of a similar style of metal. Time Waster and their four track demo plays a punk/hardcore fusion while Rot Spawn and their self titled play some death metal infused with punk and I have combined the two reviews to make your quest for metal as easy as possible on you. Enjoy ye heathens!

a0979462721_10 Starting off with the Brighton, UK band Time Waster, as mentioned above they play a fusion of punk and hardcore. The demo is short being a demo and all, but it does pack a punch. In fact the punches it pulls are so quick that if you blink you’ll surely miss them. Much like the punk that came out years ago in the UK, Time Waster establish the same kind of grit and angst that their punk forefathers played with. Each song is played with that blistering punk upbeat that is coupled with throat shredding yells and shrieks provided by the vocalist. While providing the sonic punk attack, Time Waster keep it catchy as well. The riffs that are supplied within these four songs are sure to be stuck in your head as you air guitar along with them or air guitar at your desk. The drums are spastic and completely off the rails, and the bass is obese and provides that concrete cracking undertone. While the musicians beat their instruments within an inch of their lives, the lead singer does his best to sound as abrasive as possible. He yells and screams at you much like your boss would if he caught you sleeping in your cubicle, but this would be even more intimidating. Overall with the four songs provided here by these punks, you get songs that make you want to thrash your hotel and whatever else you can get your hands on.

a3423312221_10 The last and by no means least band on this compilation is Rot Spawn. These guys hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as mentioned above they play death metal infused with punk which is injected with horror as well. This release is a little bit longer bringing six songs to the table.  Just by judging from the name of the band you can pretty well guess what the genre is and what they’re all about. Adding the horror elements to their music is the extra rotting eye ball on top of a putrid cake. The intro sets the tone for the rest of the release. It is a one and a half minute atmospheric nightmare that ends in a blood curdling scream. After the intro, the rest of the music is off to the races. Each song is buzz filled and played with that punk upbeat as well but with a more intense purpose. There are no frills or filler, it’s just horrifying death metal. The riffs are lined with fuzz, the drums pound away, and the vocalists roars along with the music transitioning between more of a guttural approach to a gravely scream. The recording for this release however is a little soft which may detract from the music a little itself. Other than that, Rot Spawn and their self titled is a good release for horror and death metal fans.

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