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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Album Round Up: Horrocious, Atomic Symphony, Poured Out, Chalera

September 19, 2015

a0054611498_16 Having album art that is eye catching is almost entirely necessary, and Horrocious and their album art is eye catching. The black and white image with the red logo caught my eye for sure. Horrocious hails from Turkey and if you couldn’t guess they play black metal. Horrocious is a two man black metal band, and Obscure Dominance of Nothingness is their release. Of course with this release, domination is on their mind. Domination of what you ask? Fucking everything is my answer. Domination of the earth, universe, and well…nothingness as well. With the particular dissonant and completely destructive force in which they play, domination should come easy to these guys. Everything that black metal stands for is present here. Hate, blasphemy, complete and utter darkness, and the eradication of humankind. The darkened and venomous riffs consume your soul while the maelstrom drums pummel your innards, the throat scraping shrieks puncture your ears making them bleed profusely as you mosh to this blackened abyss that is Horrocious. If you like everything that black metal is, the old fused with some new elements, Horrocious is for you.


a1395451312_16Taking a walk on the not so disparaging side of things brings me to Atomic Symphony and their album Redemption which was just released a little over a week ago. The album sports nine songs of the progressive metal style of things which includes beautiful clean singing, a great use of keyboards, heavy melodic riffs, and smooth rhythmic drumming. Even though Atomic Symphony is new to the progressive metal world-and just metal in general-they seem to weave this album like pros. They have a solid mix and balance of melody as well as just straight up headbanging savagery. They’re like the Swiss version of Yin and Yang. They balance out very well, making for a great listen, one filled with wonderment, beautiful song writing, hypnotic melodies, dizzying guitar solos, and even neck snapping riffs. During a lot of the songs you get chugging death metal sounding riffs at times, only to be spun back around to have a lighter riff thrown at you. And the thing is, even the heavy death metal sounding riffs are melodic and not over powering which fits well and accompanies the rest of the music perfectly. Everything here fits so well with each other. The songs are cohesive, tell great stories, and are entirely captivating. From the aforementioned riffs, the precise drumming, the great keyboard work, the thick bass, and the honey sweet vocals, Redemption belongs in your collection. This album really does have it all, and is an incredibly impressive debut into the metal world. Welcome Atomic Symphony.


a3640154980_16 Poured Out are from the good o’l U.S. of A, and play some devastatingly harsh hardcore. Blind Heart is their newest album that is jam packed with heavy window shattering riffs, elephant heavy bass, and maniacal screaming. Through the five songs here, Poured Out make it there goal to suplex you into the cement. Each song is delivered as if you are going five rounds in the cage with an MMA fighter. The punches they pull are heavy and each song goes directly for the knock out. There is no dancing around like that fake boxer Floyd Mayweather. That’s right, I said it, he’s fake, and the bass heavy album that is presented here by Poured Out could go toe to toe with him. Hardcore is named hardcore for a reason. Hardcore as a genre is the equivalent of a wrecking ball, and “Blind Heart” goes for that wrecking ball attitude and succeeds well at it. With just five songs on this effort, they are all heavy, the run times are relatively long making for a pretty substantial release. The riffs are deep and appropriately down tuned, the bass is filled with plenty of explosiveness, the drums nose breakingly heavy, and the vocals are screamed at you making you feel like you’re the person that these guys are disappointed in. Overall the five track release is a good time, one that brings the pain, and just is a good listen overall.


a0906749667_16 To end this list will be Indonesian brutal death metallers Chalera. This promo was released just this year in July. If you are familiar with the brutal death genre, the more perverse you are the better. Chalera check off every box on the brutal death metal application. They’re gory, visceral, brutal, and they supply gutturals that are just as destructive as the music. There are only two songs here on this promo so not a lot to go off of. But from these two songs you can tell Chalera are out to stack up as many corpses as possible. Maybe I should recruit them for my Cadaver Garden since I’m sure they’ve got plenty laying around, and I need help with fresh new cadavers for my garden. Anyway, Chalera supply the heavy and lower the boom with these two songs. They’re fast, explosive, and don’t hesitate to rip the flesh right off of your bones and drink the marrow afterward, then they’d be on to their next victim never stopping until they have warehouses full of bodies. The riffs are chunky and cleave like a butcher knife, the drums supplied leave you full of lacerations and bruises, and the vocals sound like a demonic toad, and that toad doesn’t eat flies but instead eats humans.


I hope this week’s Album Round Up has supplied enough heavy metal meat for you sick perverse people to munch on. Enjoy!

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